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Adam Lanza sought to compete with Anders Behring Breivik

Lanza wanted to exceed Breivik’s death toll, according to investigators. He chose the Sandy Hook (Conn.) Elementary School because it was the “easiest target” with the “largest cluster of people,” two officials who have been briefed about the investigation said. Lanza saw his victims as characters in a shooting video game and the higher the death toll, the better his “score.” via Newtown massacre gunman wanted to exceed Norway shooter’s death toll – NYPOST.com. I have to wonder if there is an ideological connection too, or do we just simply see what I’ve said before, that we have an

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Tis a shame when the voices in your head are saner than you

“I thought ‘It’s now or never’,” said a red-faced but composed Breivik, referring to his thoughts before taking his first victim. “A hundred voices in my head said, ‘Don’t do this’.” via Norway killer Breivik: Voices in my head told me ‘Don’t do this’ – CSMonitor.com.

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Breivik is going all Hitler and all – who’d thought it?

Breivik: Breivik in court today: And Adolf: So… you don’t think he may be an admirer do you? Related articles “Breivik finally shows real emotion…” (althouse.blogspot.com) Breivik’s lawyer will not divulge why client cried in court (itv.com) Breivik due to give evidence on Tuesday (itv.com) Breivik: Mass Slaughter Was ‘Self-Defense’ (newser.com)

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Breivik is just the beginning, my friends

With a defiant closed-fist salute, a right-wing fanatic admitted Monday to a bomb-and-shooting massacre that killed 77 people in Norway but pleaded not guilty to criminal charges, saying he was acting in self-defense. On the first day of his long-awaited trial, Anders Behring Breivik rejected the authority of the court as it sought to assign responsibility for the July 22 attacks that shocked Norway and jolted the image of terrorism in Europe. Read more: here “I don’t recognize Norwegian courts because you get your mandate from the Norwegian political parties who support multiculturalism,” Breivik said in his first comments to

Glenn Beck, Hitler Youth, 9-12, Tea Party and Depravity

We are in a very bad way… Example? Because people are still supporting Glenn Beck even when he says this: Of course… he misses that a Tea Party had held a camp… in a church no less and so has his own 9/12 group. Jim’s correct… the man is truly a sick person… Maybe we need to spend a lot of time in prayer… for each other if nothing else.

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Anders Behring Breivik has accomplices; Bruce Bawer Self-Analyzes

The good news is that the hearing was closed and contact is shut-off, except for his attorney. Stories are all over the net at this moment about the accomplices in Britain and Poland, although Poland is denying an arrest at this moment. Supposedly, he has at least two more ‘cells’, however… Norwegian police are investigating claims by Anders Behring Breivik, who has admitted carrying out Friday’s twin attacks in Norway, that he has “two more cells” working with him. Mr Breivik made the claim as he attended his first court hearing following the bombing in Oslo and a massacre


The Lectionary Speaks to us today

This week’s epistle reading in the Revised Common Lectionary speaks particularly to this weekend’s tragedy – First reading and Psalm Genesis 29:15-28 Psalm 105:1-11, 45b or Psalm 128 Alternate First reading and Psalm 1 Kings 3:5-12 Psalm 119:129-136 Second reading Romans 8:26-39 Gospel Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 …for the whole creation is waiting with eagerness for the children of God to be revealed. It was not for its own purposes that creation had frustration imposed on it, but for the purposes of him who imposed it- with the intention that the whole creation itself might be freed from its slavery