Cedarville “University” Puts Women in their place

After you read this story, read this link In his March 10 chapel talk, Thomas White discussed the concept of headship based on 1 Corinthians 11:2–16. “We operate with the presupposition of inerrancy. So what I tell you today is not something that I wrote, I made up, or I started,” he said. “I’m just going to preach to you what the text says.” Cedarville, which recently weathered a turbulent year of disagreements and resignations, has also restricted classes in the women’s ministry program—functionally, every Bible class in the fall schedule taught by a woman—to only female students, according


Did Bill Nye Win? Did Ken Ham destroy science or Christianity?

I must admit, I didn’t watch much, but followed it on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve read several takes on it, as well as some transcripts. In the end, Nye comes off looking like a scientist who respects his field and allows for others to hold religious/spiritual beliefs. Nye did not provide any ammunition to the New Atheists crowd who often times trumpet the belief science and religion are irreconcilable. Oddly enough, Ham comes off looking more like a New Atheists and a toddler than Nye did. For a really, really good play by play, see here: Bill Nye Ken


Completely unexpected news of the day: Albert Mohler denounces Papacy

This was my reaction to reading this: “For instance, the Roman Catholic Church officially teaches that the pope has the power to dispense merits, to forgive sin, to extend indulgences,” he said. “When you consider that you realize just how unbiblical this office is. The Roman Catholic Church, by its symbolism and by its formal teaching, says that the pope, whom they claim to be the successor of Peter, actually holds the keys of the kingdom to which Jesus refers in Matthew Chapter 16. We understand that the keys of the kingdom do indeed exist, that they belong to


A letter from Adam And Eve

Yeah… a lot of good stuff in this parody – Our contention with you rests firmly in your statement, “The moment you say, we have to abandon this theology in order to have the respect of the world, you end up with neither biblical orthodoxy, nor the respect of the world.” In the midst of all of this you have forgotten the love of God. Your contention is with biblical orthodoxy and respect of the world, neither of which Jesus ever commanded. Associated Baptist Press – Opinion: A letter from Adam And Eve.


Straw Men Created by the ‘Historical Adam’ Debate

Statements like this – all the gospel will be lost if – has been uttered and repeated time and time again when those entrenched against new information cannot handle it and create fear scenarios . Dr. Mohler writes, Thus, the denial of a historical Adam means that we would have to tell the Bible’s story in a very different way than the church has told it for centuries as the Bible has been read, taught, preached, and believed. If there is no historical Adam, then the Bible’s metanarrative is not Creation-Fall-Redemption-New Creation, but something very different. … If we


Dr. Mohler, there really isn’t a fire there

Jason has linked to an article by Dr. Mohler which purports that their is a controversy about the existence of Adam and Eve. There is no controversy, expect when the liberals, i.e., ‘literalists’, deem it necessary to speak about the authority of Scripture and impose upon the ancient authors their own viewpoints. Giberson then wrote: “The Bible is not a book. It is a library — dozens of very different books bound together. The assumption that identifying one part as fiction undermines the factual character of another part is ludicrous. It would be like going into an actual physical

Homosexuality / Society and Religion

Al Mohler says Baptists must repent of homophobia

Writer Jonathan Merritt, a Southern Baptist minister and well-known social critic, quoted Mohler as saying “We’ve lied about the nature of homosexuality and have practiced what can only be described as a form of homophobia,” and “We’ve used the choice language when it is clear that sexual orientation is a deep inner struggle and not merely a matter of choice.” Mohler said at the convention “there is no way anyone in fair mindedness can be confused about what I believe about homosexuality,” because he has written more than 200 articles about it, but that “the reality is that we