1. John Poirier

    Good stuff.

    If this is for a paper, you might want to correct your spelling of “protreptic”. (You keep omitting the second “t”.)

  2. Billy Budd

    Ah,joe,I have also used rhetorical paraenesis when addressing you;alas to no avail!Why are you so stiff-necked and not amenable to rational argument.You persist in your quaint belief that,somewhere,out there,exists your benevolent-well,benevolent if you are a devout jew but inclined to genocidal violence when not so devout!-irrational,vindictive god,whatever that word means.
    Free yourself,I beg you,from that intellectually stifling cocoon of religious belief;dare to breathe the fresh air of reason,strike a blow for independence and,of this I am sure,we could even conduct a rational conversation!How is that for paraenesis?

    And how s old satan these days?Has josh struck him down yet or is this a blasphemous thought already?
    I have noted your euphemistic “dang” when you actually wanted to curse,Jesus christ and general jackson or even use the dreaded “f” word.Am I correct?So,let it all out,joe;have no fear;there is no god out there watching over you or any one else.Poor delusional josh,if he ever lived,that is;he didn’t see it coming,did he?Just as in our day the US,in the shape of its Airforce,will destroy any heretical movement,i.e a non-democratic system which means a country or government which does not subscribe to US hegemony,so the Romans took this poor,half-crazed loon out of circulation.
    A total failure,on any terms you wish to name.He achieved nothing but the christian churches,using the name of this poor devil,have constructed enormous edifices,impenetrable bureaucracies,colossal hierarchies and condign punishment for those who divert from the “path of righteousness”.
    And,despite your cheerful exterior,I believe that,under this bland facade there lies a seething mind,an intense yearning to change the world of men,to alter it closer to your heart’s desire;just like all dictators.And is not the claim by the RC church to be the one and only blessed -making -church a dictatorial,ideological claim?And,no doubt,you,on the well-worn Mormon road,will also make a similar claim.
    Anyway,joe,I must work and you must pray.Is this truly the occupation of a real man?
    You know where to find me.Your moral and extremely ethical correspondent.B.B.


      1. You have to ignore Billy, Tom. He’s my own little stalker.

  3. Billy Budd

    Dear Joe,
    having re-read Paul’s letters to the Romans or should that be Roma? and devoted considerable time,and thought,to possible interpretations of his protreptic-or should that read dyspeptic?-pieces I have concluded that he was a re-actionary,revisionist jew who,despite all paraenesis and prosopopeia in some,admittedly later,works,remained immune to reason,rational argument or common sense;in fact he was the true christian arche-,holotype!
    He would make a wonderful study for a modern psychiatrist,full as he was of nonsense and convinced of his own importance in the scheme of things.Do you opine that he really believed in the guff he was spouting or was he constructing one of the earliest spiritual “Ponzi” schemes of which we have record?
    Do you,as a Mormon,celebrate Christmas,or is this fest also considered a pagan hangover,not belonging to the christian canon?Whatever;I wish you and yours happiness,joy,health and a reasonable amount of financial security in the coming year.Your ever sensible BillyBudd-and you know full well what befell him!


    1. Billy, I’ve tried to be nice and follow my general rule of freedom of speech, but in the words of Reagan, I pay for this microphone, and you aren’t using it any longer

      1. duncan

        The author of this epistle,the sun of god,is still alive and wondering what has become of his correspondents in the intervening five years.Have they seen the light or are they still with their religious noses to the theological grindstone,as was once Joel,he who knows nothing for his “god” is unknowable by definition.Still regurgitating the worn-out,shabby phrases of their numerous predecessors,still trying,desperately and ever more unconvincingly,to persuade themselves and their disciples of the veracity of that book of jewish folklore,myth and primitive superstition which the adherents of this strange cult call the bible.But then all religion is superstition,is it not?The other man’s religion is definitely so but not yours;of course not!
        You prefer to wallow in the suffering of this poor,wandering peripatetic Jew who was killed for his crimes a long time ago arguing by a curious mental sleight of hand that he died for ” our sins”!In view of the fact that I have committed no sins whatever in my long life how can his death be related to my existence?He preached to the Jews,for the Jews and,at times against the Jews,his co-religionists as all researchers into the historical jesus know and publish.You people,for whom I feel pity,besides the amusement I derive from your semantic antics,should really read some other books;you might just learn something;something factual!Is my brief excourse protreptic or not? Yours most unchristianly,in fact areligiously BIlly Budd


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