1. You got me with the “severely” remark above the fold, I’ll admit it. But I expect there will be actual disappointment as well when the volume comes out. You raise legitimate and important potential connections of the handbook to the broader field, and I will not be able to put a dent in what could be done. There will be disappointment.

    My goal is to point out the grammatical and exegetical implications drawn from the analysis so that folks like YOU can take it into applications where YOU are the expert rather than me. Think 1 Corinthians 12. I’ll be a good toe and do what toes do best: toe the line. You be a good, well, whatever you are. And Chris Tilling, well let’s just not go there.


    1. I don’t think my cheekyness has come across well – my ONLY disappointment is that it I did not have the completed volume! The concept is sound, and better, the freedom it allows while also providing the interpreter with a solid foundation is of the utmost importance!!!

      No one, ever, wants to go with Chris Tilling!


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