Star Trek was a Christian Show. Told you so, you heretics

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Every Christian Star Trek fan recalls Stardate 4041.7. That was the day that I realised that, with very few exceptions, Star Trek is consistently the most pro-Christian and pro-Catholic show in American television history.


In “Bread and Circuses”, the episode that took place in Stardate 4041.7 (AD 2268 for planet-bound humans), Captain James Tiberius Kirk, valiant captain of the good ship Enterprise, in the midst of their five-year mission, came across planet 892-IV, a draconian 20th-century version of the Roman Empire, complete with gladiators, senators and nefarious politics. The empire sponsors state executions of renegade slaves who practice a pacifistic religion of “total love and total brotherhood”. Sound familiar?

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I admit – I’ve wanted to post on Star Trek for a very long time, but couldn’t find the reason to do it. I grew up with every series, every episode and so what that I’ve might have played with the action figures even in (senior year of) high school. I mean, Star Trek is Science Fiction. The U.S.S. Enterprise. NCC-1701. Captain James Tiberius Kirk (although one episode, before Tiberius was established Kirk’s middle name in the movies, listed R. as the middle initial). Spock. Dr. McCoy. I can hear ole Bones now… ‘Dangit Jim, I’m a blogger not a journalist.’ TV was made for Star Trek. So was IMAX, 3-d, and everything other piece of cool technology.

And while there are overtures to various aspects of American culture, I’m not real sure the author of the piece is getting everything right. However, whom am I to argue… I mean, let’s fuse the Canons. The Scriptural and the Star Trek canon. Would really make the Book of Revelation just sing!

And ye, thou shalt go boldly where no man hath gone before…

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