1. Gary

      “research has shown that marriages started with unplanned pregnancies are at higher risk of divorce”. As Homer Simpson would say, “Duh!” Or “have them early, have them often”. Or, “Pregnant? Get married!” Or, “we’re against birth control, let their heads explode!” Or, “abstinence is the only choice”. Funny, mostly all said by cranky old men, holding a bible, and thinking about having an affair with their secretary on the next road trip.

  1. David Watson

    Thanks for the good post, Joel. I’m appreciative of the fair response. You’re right: I don’t do Bultmann justice in this post. I’m a little curious as to how you can deny free will as a Wesleyan, though I’m sure you have your reasons.




    1. Dr. Watson,

      I do not believe our fate is predetermined by God before the Fall, or any other such Calvinistic nonsense; however, I do not believe we are completely free to make a choice. We have influences, such as locale, nature and nurture that will influence us in ways we do not yet know. I believe in God’s ultimate sovereignty and is the chief influencer. However, I cannot affirm free will because I do not believe our will is free. It is marred by our distance from God’s will and conflicted because the human condition.


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