1. I’m convinced that the Australian wannabe programmer is not the same person. The writing style / punctuation idioms / vocab are very different. E.g. he wrote “I wonder why anyone converts to any relgion, basically it is rubish, no offence, but please, i long for the day where religion is just a part of history :)” Which is very much not like Dr Tee.

    Though it is odd and puzzling that there be two identically named trolls. I wonder if the crossover about Dr Tee being forced out of the US in that comment post is related to someone also mis-searching and finding the Aussie version. Or maybe there are two wierd individuals with similar traits. Or maybe Dr Tee is considerably more screwed up that he appears!

    1. Cori b

      Do you have a link or pic of the Australian trol? He’s been outted on Twitter for using multiple accounts and bots as well as harassment


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