Some Light on David Elkington, or is it Paul?

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I received this comment on an earlier post, and to be honest, it seems to fit:

I have know David Elkington, whose real name is Paul Elkington, but has also been known by many others too, for many years the fact being i am a family member. To put the record straight once and for all Paul is by no means a Scholar of Ancient Religious Archaeology or a Scholar of anything else. Neither is he a Professor, a Lord, (which he has used over the years for his own gain) or have large amounts of letters after his name. He is in fact a conman to which many people would willingly state. This man has emotionly hurt elderly and ill people and sucked them dry financially. I think the uk police would like some truthful answers to a few questions too. He has hurt his own family and disowned his own son who so much would a like a normal relationship with him, but that’s never going to happen because Paul Elkington is far from normal or compassionate, in my opinion he needs medical attention.

Then, April DeConick brings this to our attention (read her post, by the way)

David Elkington was born in England in 1962 but spent his formative years travelling and exploring the Southern Hemisphere with his parents. His childhood in Australia was supplemented by sojourns in Polynesia, New Zealand and Indonesia. It was in these places that he first developed an interest in Sacred Sites and ancient traditions.

He trained as an artist at the Bath Academy of Art where an interest in the relationship between Christian myth and sacred sites was fuelled. Research for ‘In the Name of the Gods’ began in earnest in the early 1980s when he walked through Europe and the Middle East on a quest to understand and appreciate the mind of Ancient Man and his relationship with particular sites upon the Earth. For 20 years David has been led on a revelatory trail through world mythology, linguistics and philology into geophysics, architecture, acoustics, music, neuro-physiology, theology and still further into the all-encompassing, resonant atmosphere of the planet. As his research continued, surprising results emerged. For several years, David has been working with Dr Keith Hearne, the ‘father of lucid dream research’, on a new area of psychology – Geolinguistics – which sees the development of language as a direct result of the Earth’s physical environment.

David began to introduce his work to the public in 1996 when he presented a major lecture on ‘Acoustic Resonance, Life and Consciousness’ at the Quest for Knowledge Conference in London. He lectures in England and Europe, has co-hosted a tour of the major ancient sites of Egypt and is a member of the Egypt Exploration Society and Palestine Exploration Fund. He has been a consultant to the government of Sierra Leone, to the BBC, ITV, and to NASA.

So the guy is clearly off his rocker…

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Joel L. Watts
Joel L. Watts holds a Masters of Arts from United Theological Seminary with a focus in literary and rhetorical criticism of the New Testament. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of the Free State, analyzing Paul’s model of atonement in Galatians. He is the author of Mimetic Criticism of the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and Commentary (Wipf and Stock, 2013), a co-editor and contributor to From Fear to Faith: Stories of Hitting Spiritual Walls (Energion, 2013), and Praying in God's Theater, Meditations on the Book of Revelation (Wipf and Stock, 2014).

30 thoughts on “Some Light on David Elkington, or is it Paul?

  1. I can back this person up 100% as this is an Immidiate family member on the Elkington side and i am the estranged son in question. David Elkington or Paul – as he is legally known, well the truth is that as far as i know the man only achieved 3 GCSE’s and is not qualified at anything. He has never, ever, paid child support as apparently he is on an Incapacity Benefit that the Child Support Agency cannot touch! – I have evidence! .Surely if he is working on this on a pure voluntary basis (source: official press release), then how is he earning money? When i briefly contacted him 3 years back, he and Jennifer Solignac gave me roughly 6 hours of their time and dismissed me followed up by nasty distasteful emails and letters. For many years he denied being my father until we had a DNA test conducted (when i was about 7).
    As a very level headed person and A level English and Media Studies student i am generally concerned with the situation unfolding in International Media. Personally i am very sceptical and believe these to be forgeries and a PR stunt for his book The Lead Codices that was meant to be published in May. – apparently this book is to soon be published but under a different name: Divine Revelation. A PR stunt perhaps – who knows? I am extremely concerned with the event unfolding as he could be getting himself in serious trouble.
    Embarrasment is not a big enough word to express how i have been feeling over the past week. PS Dad: I achieved 12 GCSE’s last year.

  2. First of all, i heard many rumours about the book but then i found a pdf file on the curtis brown website – As far as i know the Curtis Brown agency are their ‘agents’.
    If you type: David Elkington Divine Revelation into google and open up the first link (the PDF) it mentions something about the book at the bottom.

    Also in an article in todays Sunday Telegraph it said and i quote “Mr Elkington does have one other rather timely and co-incidental involvement with the treasure trove that has so excited academics: on Monday April 11 his agent, Johnathan Lloyd from Curtis Brown, will be trying to find a publisher for a book the couple have written on the codices, and their action packed efforts to protect them, at the prestigious London Book Fair. The Elkingtons’ insist Mr Lloyd has been ”holding off” selling their manuscript until they had made their news announcement of the discovery, ”not the other way round.” the article is available at:

    1. Edward,

      Thanks for the information. There are just so many different statements on the finding of the codex and the such. Seems Paul/David is just trying to make a name/dollar, um, pound, for himself.

  3. Dear Telegraph and Olga Craig. This couple are BOGUS.When this couple,David/Paul and Dame Jennifer Solignac de Compte Elkington are about to be found out they run for cover like Bonny and Clyde. They always have. I can see that they are great figures of fun for the Telegraph Tabloid, but in real life they are two poor, wretched,sick individuals who have been very harmful to those who have been taken in by them in the past.
    Olga, like myself and so many others you have been DUPED. You’ll kick yourself one day for ever heving fallen for this shameful charade.
    Perhap’s they are leading the ‘Life of O’Reilly’ (also the title of a tasteless novel David Elkington wrote about god being born in Ireland) but those who have had the misfortune to have been deceived by them still bear the scars. Olga, if you really want a story you don’t need to send journalists in search of it , and if you are in need of a few bob yourself I would advise you to buy the rights to the film.
    Edward you are a brave young man.My heart goes out to you and your Mother,and please remember that those who know the truth about these things will stand by you. Congratulations on your 12 GCSE’s.

  4. The Elkingtons’ story is far more fantastic than it seems and so it is a pity that fact-checking was not uppermost in reporter’s or Literary Agents minds – as they are certainly guilty of misrepresenting them then and even now. A truly fascinating if lamentable story has been missed – hopefully not for long – as they continue to discredit themselves and others.

    The “dodgy duo”, as they are sometimes known by former intimates, have been in hiding from creditors, family members, Wiltshire police and other officials for several years now – as could be easily proved by any investigative reporter worth his salt.

    Interviewing former friends, collaborators and neighbours, or mere comparison of online CV’s, would reveal Paul (aka David) Elkington to be someone who has claimed to be a Hollywood Film Director and/or Producer, Maori Prince, Carthusian Monk, Druid, a free-thinking author, Consultant to the European Parliament on “Sonic Resonance”, prominent Mason, holder of an African tribe’s sacred “seeing -stone”, consultant on Chinese Trade, PR consultant, confident of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, holder of a PHD or Professorial chair at a Californian University, as well as self-styled expert of comparative religions, the occult and ancient languages. Quite an achievement for one whose further education was an incomplete course in graphic design at Corsham College of Art & Design. There seems to be some suggestion that he left under a cloud of suspicion then having submitted others’ work as his own.

    Coupled to their penchant for writing threatening letters on “borrowed” solicitor’s notepaper, or harassing former friends and elderly ladies so that a restraining order had to be placed on them, their characters are far more rabid Walter Mitty than heroic Indiana Jones.

    As regards his consort, she has an equal ability to shape-shift as she sometimes styled herself a PR or Literary agent, writer, or “Dame” Jennifer le Compte…the title is not aristocratic but an honorary one conferred by a Scottish Neo-Templar ( Freemason) dining club which has more chiefs than indians: Here they all dress up in gorgeous robes and call one another by bogus titles. Her latest reincarntion, unsurpringly, is as an Art Historian.

    The Elkington’s generally hide from what they call “vicious” criticism and have frequently claimed persecution by “dark forces” in governments who wish to keep their discoveries hidden. They have already claimed that the CIA, Mossad and MI5 are out to discredit them. One can be sure that the Telegraph and BBC Radio 4 did not find them, but that it was the other way round as they have a new book to tout.

    As Dr Thronemann has demonstrated online recently, any real expert opinion on these fake codices has been ignored by them for years. One can only expect such informed comment to be parlayed into a “hidden code” which only they, and those dumb enough to buy book, will be unable to unravel.

    But most worrying is that as long as they are at large people who have righteously protested about their behavior remain targets for their malice. Watch yourselves!

    1. Well now l agree with everything that has been said about my son David Elkington (Paul}
      Who was born in Oldchurch Hospital Romford
      Essex on the 7th January. 1962 at 2.15pm
      I would love to give much more iinformation
      about my son, but you will have to contact me
      when l get back to the UK On the 17th April.

      I remain yours faithfully.
      M.F. Elkington.

  5. Hello, i’ve just seen this news report on the BBC news about a new ancient artefacts recovery team within the Kent Police. They have just carried out their first raid on a house. The items they recovered included an old cannon, old divers helmets and REALLY OLD LEAD! taken from the thames river in London! Perhaps that’s how they’ve done it? perhaps that’s how they have forged these lead codices by using old lead so that it would seem almost 2000 years old!

  6. Firstly, well done Edward on the superb exams results and surpassing the poor example set by your inadequate father and the dire “Dame Con of Castle Cary”.

    Secondly, the reason why people don’t criticise these little devils is clear to all who know them. They are master twisters and parasites who have no quams about making life intolerable for those they feed on or who oppose them. In spite of being found out repeatedly they have managed to slip past the Police. Explaining how they operate here would simply help them. Just steer clear.

    The one thing certain about these Elkingtons is that they will let you down badly.

    However, every cloud has a silver lining. Should David succeed with his ambition of getting his latest book published, and a film about their unlikely adventures to boot, it will definitely backfire.

    He is unbelievely vain, and has a number of unpublishable books he hopes to be able to tout on the back of just one success – which may well come because of people’s gullability and greed.

    If that happens and people actually read what their agent calls his “much acclaimed” book “In The Name Of The Gods’ ( of which less than 50 copies sold in the past 10 years and most reviews were written by either the publishers desperate to get their money back, or friends who have since abandoned them ) then he will have to face some pretty severe questioning about its authenticity.

    If any greedy publisher actually prints his fatuous “Life of O’Reilly” – a tedious and blasphemous account of how God retired and become a drunken Irishman…well, he, the publisher, and all concerned will be lucky to escape unscalped.

    Scum rises, and so will these Elkingtons. It should be no shame on his family that they bear the same name.

  7. If the Elkingtons are true connivers – and it looks like they are – they will market their “find” a bit more cleverly. How long until we see: “Liberal academia is trying to hide our proof about Jesus. Won’t you help us bring Christ’s Healing Light to the world? With your donation of…”

  8. All I would say to these uncircumcised Philistines is ; God will not be mocked…….beware ! God is a God of love and justice ,neither of which the Elkingtons seem to know anything about .

  9. Can I just say one thing about “In The Name of the Gods” before we go any further on this. I do have a copy still in my collection as I was working with David when it was written. I am not going to completely defend it but I will say something in its favour. The general premise i.e. that Pagan gods, Christian/biblical characters and other archetypes come from the same general root, is, to my mind, sound, and in fact has been explored by other, more reputable authors (e.g. Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy). I also do believe that there is something in this idea of sound and harmonics having something to do with the siting and construction of temples and cathedrals, and that too has been explored, in part, by other reputable authors (e.g. Andrew Collins in “Gods of Eden”). The trouble with ITNOG is that one has to comb through it in order to weed out all the bits and pieces that do not have satisfactory references, that have tenuous origins and and that may possibly be the product of David’s vivid imagination, a process which, unfortunately I have only just started – there again, my own planned work on the Green Man will, as has been the case so far, be largely a result of my own investigation into these matters (with far more attention given to the advice of others including scientists and academics than appears to have been the case with ITNOG I would hope), partly because I enjoy the process of researching information anyway and partly because of the unreliability of some if not a considerable amount of David’s material, the Thonemann episode being a case in point. I do not subscribe to the view that ‘all Pagan gods were actually Christian all along’ nor do I subscribe to the view that all Christian figures can be ‘labelled’ as Pagan. I do subscribe to the view that these things lie beyond anything that can be adequately named – simply because the enormity of creation is beyond that which can be adequately understood by humanity, therefore ‘Paganism’ and ‘Christianity’ are to my mind just labels applied to something in order to provide some kind of comprehension of something that is in actuality quite chaotic. My real bugbear with David is the way that he treats people and the way that he appears to be gripped by fame and fortune. It is that, ultimately, which will be his undoing.

  10. As someone who knew David/Paul several years ago I just wanted to add that I feel the last comment by Robin Whitlock ‘the way he treats people and the way he appears to be gripped by fame and fortune’ is the core of this issue. What he has written is largely unread and unimportant, although some of it may cause offense to devout Christians. I do not expect these codices or his interpretation of them is relevant to history or theology, or that they will they shake anyone’s spirituality or personal faith.
    However, the way he treats his family and anyone who criticises him is outrageous. I agree with the family member who said he needs mental help.

  11. Thanks for that Roger, I would be grateful if you would get in touch with me actually as I would like to talk some more with you about this. My email is: You can be assurred of my absolute promise that any information divulged to me, will at this stage be treated with the utmost confidence and will go no further, and certainly not on the net. If in the future this changes, I will certainly contact you before anything is divulged publicly. Cheers, Robin

  12. Well, following my previous comment backing the immediate Elkington family member I subsequently had two Police Officers on my door wanting to speak to me regarding ‘harassment!’

    Apparently the officers seemed extremely shocked when my mother opened the door and informed them that I was at school and that I was 16! They also seemed very surprised to find out that the complainant David Elkington was my father. – Of course he hadn’t told them the truth! After another later visit to speak to me, it turned out there was no grounds for harassment. Mr Elkington had in fact claimed that I had been sending nasty slanderous emails and letters to him – he obviously doesn’t understand what a blog is as this is the only thing I have done! – Perhaps the police were meant to be a scare tactic to shut me up?
    The nasty emails and letters bit sounded quite funny considering I have in my possession a nasty and twisted 3 page letter from him that I received out of the blue in early October! I also have in my possession many extremely unpleasant emails about myself and my mother from the dubious duo sent via others (about 15 to be precise). We have never ever responded although we have always had the means to do so. – We merely ignored them. We know that many other innocent people have had much of the same treatment from Jennifer and David as this is the intimidation pattern that they seem to follow ie: Police visits, nasty emails, nasty letters and general scare tactics etc. I was surprised to read 3 comments from a person called pelkington on The Telegraph’s story page “Could this couple’s Bible ‘codices’ tell the true story of Christ’s life?”

    Although the comments looked like the rantings of a drunk madman, there were several facts amongst them that are only known by myself and my father – so make what you will of that – Of course the facts have been hugely twisted somewhat. Although on the whole it seems like a cleverly coded message directed to me. Quite frankly i can’t give any of this tosh much more of my time as i am studying hard for my A Levels.

  13. Hi Edward,

    Well that shows therefore that he really can’t do anything if you stand your ground. There are numerous defences to charges of libel and slander, and also it is quite obvious that he is the one doing the harrassing, not the other way round.

    With regard to your studying for your A levels, I wish you all the best of luck with it, I’m sure you will do well. All thats really needed as far as your time commitment to this is concerned, would be your willingness to testify should this whole episode ever come to court (and thats probably a long way off yet) or some involvement in airing your views in a possible article. Mr Elkington will be brought to book for this I’m sure of it, just a matter of time – he has so many enemies out there now, and all it needs is the right opportunity and the hounds will undoubtedly set off in pursuit. And not before time either I might add!

  14. He He! Go Ed!
    It’s absolutely outrageous that your own Father should try to silence you by calling out the Police for harrassment.
    You have suffered enough already without such malefic heavy-handedness, especially at this time when you are studying hard and under pressure, shame on you Mr Elkington – it seems clear that you do not care how you treat even your own flesh and blood.
    Good luck with your studies Ed – already ahead of your dad eh?!!! xxxx

  15. Well Elkington contacted me last night threatening all sorts of nastiness, so we’re obviously getting to him. Keep it up Ed!

  16. I think you are all ‘maladjusted’ in the head…David/Paul his bastard son and all family and friends. You all deserve each other.

  17. Thankyou Jerry (or is it Jerry?) for your interesting comment about me!

    I would like to bring to everyone’s attention a recent radio broadcast from Coast to Coast AM regarding the Lead Codices. Mr Elkington was interviewed for a good few hours regarding the topic and wow, didn’t he go on and on!!! (zzzzzzzzz) For anybody with a good few hours to spare, I would recommend listening to the whole thing! Elkington totally lets rip regarding Dr Thonemann (the real academic) but even worse, on more than one occasion he appeals to the pubic for funding in the form of sponsorship giving them an email address and saying that “it will be well worth the investment.” Even the presenter seemed convinced by saying “You may be part of history on the ground floor in the making.”

    Later in the program, Elkington is actually offered money by a person calling in.

    I would just like to warn everybody here and would recommend listening to the broadcast. Elkington originally appeals for funding at the end of Part 9/12

    Here is part 1 of the broadcast: (the other parts are also available on YouTube)

    Could this be the root of the scam? Is Mr Elkington up to his old tricks?

  18. I support Edward’s comments on this subject totally. IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES should ANYBODY send any money to Mr Elkington. The reason’s why not should be obvious with a little applied thought.

    1. I have all ready reply to Peter Thonrmann. \i do agree with all
      the comments above and have to admit that my son \\ Paul David Elkington and his so called misses can not be trusted.
      He has no Qualifications what so ever just 3 GCSE . He did
      attend the Bath academy of Art but for unknown reason was kick out. \he was a normal person before the Art collage but
      came out with a plum in his mouth. He has all way’s tried to be involved with people with tiles.
      he is a very dishonest person and owe’s me a lot of money which he said that he has no intention of paying back,and he and l now think his second wife have done this to many people. And have cause a great deal stress and hardship.
      So those people who are about to come involved with this couple
      be very careful.

      A Mother’s heart ache for a son who has turned out this way
      I sure that he need some kind of mental help.

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