1. I wonder if I should be offended that you has to specify my blasphemy this time :)


  1. There is so much fascinating material here. For example, the reference to Noah making “atonement” is interesting. Later on, the Tamid offering will be identified with atonement. I think a good case could be made that such imagery is found here linked with Noah, i.e., the burning of incense.

    Thanks for bringing this fragment up–it is far too often overlooked. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that vast numbers of scholars have actually never read the DSS in their entirety but only cite those mentioned by others. Too bad. . . there’s gold in them hills.


    1. Thank you, Michael!

      I found the imagery of the olive tree particularly useful, but I’ll have to study more on that later I think.

      I fear that you are correct in that far to often, the DSS is a cite-worthy as opposed to sight-worthy source of information. I am hoping to blog through the DSS starting in January, but we’ll see!


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