1. Gary

    Personally, I don’t get it. More like a coincidence, like a common oral expression, going up in smoke. No crazy locust, or anything else related to Rev 9. Only ref I can find on Rev and DSS is Rev 21, and New Jerusalem Scrolls (ie the size of New Jerusalem). Except, as could be expected, everything is exaggerated in Rev. Size 12000 stadia cubed, versus 100stadia north to south, and 140 stadia east to west in DSS. In this case the DSS’s make more sense, with dimensions geographically as x and y; not x, y, and z. More proof John had some crazy mushrooms.


    1. I don’t think John was crazy whatsoever. He knew exactly what he was doing – and everything is precise. For instance, the 1400 miles (or the length given in stadia) is the distance thought (at the time) to be between Rome and Jerusalem.

      What we see here is the notion of smoke, sinners, and locked up.

      We cannot read Revelation as it has been read for 1800 or so years. We have to seek to read it as it was written.

  2. Gary

    Cubed, so a little over 7 million feet above the surface of the earth, or the same below the earth. Must be where the locust hang out. Edgar Rice Burroughs would be proud to know John. Anyway, seriously, just pulling your leg. Just remember, I voted for your website.


    1. ha, thanks!

      I think we if take the message of John, what we see is something akin to a political ploy. God’s Kingdom will be so massive it will expel the kingdom of evil (i.e., Rome)


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