1. N. de Guerre

    Sid may have a bizarre belief system – I’m not sure; I haven’t examined it close enough although I take your word for it. I do know that Messianic Jews are not simply Jews who convert to Christianity but it is it’s own little sect which seems to have a conversion agenda that angers many in the Jewish community.

    However, one thing that he gets right is Jesus’s name in Aramaic, which spelled phonetically in English would be Yeshua. This is a form of Joshua and pronounced “yeh-shoo-ah”.


    Those this name vs. “Jesus” remains a debate amongst relgious leaders, many New Testament scholars verify that this is correct, such as Thomas Sheehan.


    However, with that said, I don’t think anyone should base their beliefs on what Jesus’s true name was (although it’s sure nice to know). If his name was Ralph, would it make a difference to the gospel he preached?

    A rose is a rose….


    1. HELLO, MR. AUTHOR, Please before you criticize a man of God, pray hard, and seek God cos you might be mistaken, and God will hold you accountable for ruining a reputation of His servant. PLEASE, WATCH THIS VIDEO CAREFULLY, TO PROVE THAT SPEAKING IN TOUNGUES is BIBLICAL: https://youtu.be/F5qNYff4BdA


  2. Nom, they sent you to spam! Sorry about that.

    To be honest, Messianic Jews have an agenda that angers many on my side as well.

    I realize that Sid got the Aramaic name right – but that is my sense of humor. I will sometimes say the same about a Jesus that is not the Jesus Christ of the bible. You are right, a rose is a rose, but a stinkweed is not a rose, even if you call it one.

  3. N. de Guerre

    Sid Roth may or may not be a nut, but his use of the word Yeshua isn’t nuts. “Yeshua” is the Aramaic name of Jesus (although this is a subject to debate). Several distinguished scholars of New Testament studies support this claim; scholars such as Thomas Sheehan at Stanford University:


    As for Roth being a Messianic Jew, I’d like to point out that this is not the same as being a Jew who converts to Christianity. Messianic Judaism has it’s own belief system that is unlike most mainline Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical/Fundamentalist denominations. From what little I’ve read, it is possible that a good deal of Messianic Jews are not ethnic Jews at all. Even if they were, most Jewish religious authorities claim that someone born in a Jewish family who converts to another religion ceases to be Jewish.

    Now, do you want to see something that will really freak you out? Think Messianic Jews are unusual?

    Check out these people who call themselves Hebrew Israelites, aka “The Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ”:


  4. theodas

    I have read several of your comments about Sid Roth and I find your adherence to the Bible text refreshing. I like the fire in your words and the firm confidence with which you speak.
    I stumbled on your site while searching for comments on Sid. I too, have watched in amazement at the video he promotes that claims that God gave several people GOLD teeth.
    I could use some gold teeth or better yet just plain gold coins.
    Being new to your blog, I am interested in your theology and background. So far I find you to be a kindred spirit, but the “testing” is still under way.
    Keep up the good work for what I see thus far.

    Until He Comes,
    2 Tim. 2:7

  5. Ess

    Thank you all for your commentaries. I now have a greater respect for Mr. Roth. Your ignorance of history is astounding.

  6. Bill Cribbs

    All of the things that you said you would not mention…you did.

  7. Anna

    I can’t believe I used to watch his show and listen to this man, Sid Roth. He operates on fallacies that he uses to manipulate people. It’s sick. And it’s probably demonic. He is a racist and a fake and I am SO GLAD to be delivered out of his cult like thinking.


  8. Thank you, kind sir. I find that the bible is the rule book by which I must judge my own life and the doctrines of those around me.

  9. James Barclay

    If Sid Roth thinks he has the power of mind control he is deluded and mistaken, though I think he just wants to use NLP and the tactics of Bernaysian Propaganda. If he says he is a Christian then he sould find out what taking the lord’s name in vain is: It is selling in the name of God. Thus, it is blasphemy. Mind you I am not a Christian and did not make this definition up. I hate see people being hurt, being robbed, being lied to and being robbed. He will be on Coast To Coast AM tonight with George Noory (who only seems to interview people selling books or something else). I will try and call in to take this man to task. I’m going to use the Open Line, 1-818-501-4109 or East of the Rockies at 1-800-825-5033. The man needs to be exposed for what I think he is, a psychopathic huckster. If he wants to sue, please note I own nothing and its only my unqualified opinion.


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