Should pastors be paid?

I have posted an article about the ongoing discussion whether pastors should be paid or not by the church and whether there is any real Scriptural basis to do so. …you can read it here. Tell me what you think?

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5 thoughts on “Should pastors be paid?

  1. I know a pastor who has a full-time office job, and takes a long lunch on Tuesday to lead a 1:00pm service.

    Pastors would have to trust God that He would provide for them if they were not paid by their Church. But the way some pastors use extreme pressure, and expouse a guilt if you don’t give message, in tithing talks those some pastors give the impression that they have little faith in provision for their church.

  2. I have little time for the tithe as I think its unbiblical in the way its taught. However you do raise an interesting point about faith… and how not only pastors should exercise faith for provision…but all Christians in how we think of faith for our own provision.

  3. There you go being fair and balanced (in your original post). I like it a lot.

    Some random thoughts, not necessarily what I would endorse: Would you rather have a pastor who can spend 20 hours a week to exegete a text well and teach it, and also be available to people, or one who prepares one on a Saturday, possibly taking time away from his family and doesn’t have time to keep up with all the studying? Or should they be single and devote themselves to their paying job and pastor job? Or should they just preach and not pastor? I really don’t know.

  4. Thanks Jeff. There could be a third option and have a preaching team to balance the pressures and release the congregation to pastor within the framework of elders. But even within this frame work in which our church operates – we are currently looking for a full time pastor there is a tremendous amount of pressure on the elders to do the work which the previous pastor would do.

    I think a lot depends on the congregations size and expectations.

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