1. N. de Guerre

    “The Sabbath was made for Man, and not Man for the Sabbath; so the Son of Man is lord even of the Sabbath.” Mark 2:27-28

    The Pharisees confront Jesus and berate his disciples for gleaning heads of grain from a field they were passing through; who did so because they were hungry. In Jewish custom, work (or anything remotely resembling work, including typing) is forbidden on the Sabbath.

    Jesus quotes Scripture regarding a hungry David and his companions entering the synagogue and eating the bread of the presence, which was only lawful for the priests to eat.

    Jesus’s reply to the Pharisees would’ve been extremely radical and heretical for its time and it’s probably one of the most inflammatory of his sayings that led to a call for his execution by the authorities.

    Jesus tells us that the Sabbath was made for the benefit of mankind, and not that mankind was made for the Sabbath. And he, as he likes to do often, goes even further saying that the Son of Man is Lord…*even* of the Sabbath.

    On that note, I’ll change the subject and ask that when you shoot deer (and teach your son), please do not leave behind any carcasses with bullets still in them, as the lead in the bullets poisons the animals that come along afterwards to eat the bodies (and the bullets left in them). This is especially true for predatory birds who feed off of the carcasses.


  2. Nom, I just hope I shoot one, and I do not do it just to put on a wall, BTW. But, you are right of course, and I appreciate you pointing that out. I will make sure to point that out to others as well. Again, though, I don’t anyone has anything to worry about.

    What was the first part of your comment concerning?

  3. N. de Guerre

    Oh, I was just responding to what I believed to be your stressing over not going to church. A lot of weight is put on observing the sabbath, and for a lot of people that implies one must go to church in order to keep the Sabbath holy. But Jesus reminds us that, while he honors the Sabbath, he teaches that the Sabbath was made for Man and not Man for the Sabbath. So while we should keep the Sabbath holy, it doesn’t forego more important things such as feeding oneself or doing good works (which could mean spending time with ones family).

    That’s all I meant.


  4. Nah. No stress. I do prefer to be in Church when others are there, trying to assemble with others. But there is a danger in making Sunday a ritual, and those giving more to Sunday on Sunday than to God on Sunday.

    Understood, then.

  5. Deb

    I am beginning to learn more about”Sunday” worship. I was a Baptist,and went to a church close by..But I got to reading for myself,after church,and found many differences in what was being taught. like the rapture,I don’t believe in they way the Baptist teach it,and the gifts of the Lord, talking in tounges,healing,and such, I believe in them but they do not.and I wasn’t happy, I was going for the wrong reasons,my family had always gone there,
    Needless to say My Mom was dissapointed cause I no longer go there.and has asked prayer for me ,that she thinks I am going down the wrong path,but I try to explain to her,I am not, I am finally going down the RIGHT one…I have still yet to find another.but my eyes are finally opening up…I can praise and worship my Father anywhere..Please pray for me…

  6. Deb

    Oh yeah, Polycarp,tell you son to really be carefull, got work of a hunter, a cyber friend,was hunting alone,and dropped the gun and it went off and shot him in the head,killing him, very sad, He left behind a loving family,2 young boys and a daughter and wife.. BE CAREFUL!


  7. Thanks, Deb. He is 4 – which is why I am starting early.

    Sunday worship is traditional, even from the Apostles, so I have no problem with it, although it must be stressed that we can worship God at any time. Sunday seemed reserved for the assembling of all the congregation.


  8. To me it seems that everyone just reserves a day to worship when it should be done each and every day.


  9. I would say that you are right. I do however, believe that the tradition of reserving a day when the Christian community can gather together is one worth following.


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