1. Dr. Kim Geiger

    Where does health and medicine fit in?

  2. Elizabeth McNally

    Oh my Oh My!!! Proverbes 4:14 Enter NOT into the Path of the wicked, go NOT in the was of evil men….

    A Kingdom divided against itself cannot stand… Not a Kingdom you join and overcome….

    May God Help the elect and remant against this strong delusion.


  3. Church I attend showed DVD of Dr. Lance Wallnau’s “Seven Mountains” which prompted me to visit this site for the first time. I noticed a question posted some months back asking where do health and medicine fit in. i imagine that by now most know that the medical field is big business. A radiation oncologist will schedule 35 separate visits with a patiient. This Dr. has to make a huge income even after overhead expenses are paid.
    The drug companies do such large volumes of sales on cancer-relate drugs alone. (I have not even scratched the surace).

  4. Apin Z. Wazob

    Where does science and engineering come in? Certainly science is shaping our end time culture.


  5. It doesn’t matter, as long as they control your government, lifestyle, and news source.


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