1. hopesome

    History we learn from not stagnate in.


  2. I am very interested in the Primitivism you seem to be advocating. For a long time I've been trying to argue the Church was something that was not quite Roman and not quite Protestant…a bit of both. I think the Reformation was great, but also terrible…..and I think Rome went bad about 1000 years ago.

    Where does that leave us? I'm a Calvinist but a Sacramentarian…..I'm a hyper-Calvinist and an Arminian….ever heard of John Cameron or Moise Amyraut?……I'm Sola Scriptura but not a Kuyperian. I'm Two-Kingdom but not retreatist. I'm Sola Fide and believe in Election….but believe the visible covenant is conditional and one can fall away. Saving Faith has to have fiducia or it is merely the faith of demons……

    When I started letting the Bible stand and quit syllogistically synthesizing it…I came up with a Dialectical Theology….and hey, all of the sudden I could read the Fathers and they didn't seem so strange anymore…..

    John A.


  3. John, for the life of me, I cannot disagree anything here you are saying. I just can't. I'll try, but I think I have found a kindred spirit.


  4. HS, you have identified another fault in your opinions concerning God. The Church, the Bible, God is not History. Doctrine is not history. The words of Apostle Paul are not History. We stand with the Apostles in their Doctrine. You would have us throw away everything that they said and did for your opinions which may very well change tomorrow. You have no solid base for anything that you have said. The only thing familiar to the Bible is that you mention a name, a name of Jesus, but your ideas tell me that your Jesus is not the Jesus Christ of the Bible.


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