1. I tend to view post-modernism as the abandonment of formal reason. It was an inevitable response to modernism, which claims to have invented/discovered reason when all they were really doing was multiplying mockery and sophistry.

  2. Jun

    SGU may not have a spirituality (I’ve never watched it) but the previous Stargate serieses did, SG-1 and Atlantis. They have a strange version of Budhist enlightenment in this whole becoming an ascended being thing. And of course they SG-1 is very much about all the ancient gods on earth having been alien snakes inside people’s heads, called Goa’uld, who are parasites that use humans as hosts and pose as gods to maintain their power, having a sort of “angelic” army of Jaffa carrying staves that fire fireballs. Then there are the Roswell grey aliens who are the Asgard, led by Thor and are friendly to humanity and help them (marginally) oppose the Goa’uld.

    There was one episode in one of the first 4 seasons where they went to a planet where the Goa’uld had taken Christians through the Stargate. When they got there T’ealc was making a comment that he didn’t think any Goa’uld could possibly pull off an impersonation of the Bible’s God due to not having the necessary capacity for mercy. And they find out that the local Goa’uld is in fact not impersonating God, but is impersonating Satan.

  3. Jun

    And in Atlantis, everyone in the Pegassus galaxy seems to pray to “the ancestors,” otherwise known as the Ancients.

  4. Jun

    Oh yeah, and in the last season of SG-1 there were the Orai, who were ascended Ancients who were idealogically different from the normal Ancients, in that rather than making rules for themselves that as ascended beings they should not interfere with the lower spheres, they relished in interfering and being worshipped as gods. The more people worshipped them the more power they got, and since the normal ancients did not ask for worship, their power was less (due to less worshipers) and hence they were in danger of being destroyed by the Orai even thought they were ascended beings too. And the Orai created a crazy cult in their galaxy that came into the Milky Way on a Jihad of sorts to convert everyone in the Milky Way to believing in their book, called the Book of Origin. Their priors were given super funky powers to perform “miracles.”


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