1. Now that’s allegory! You might be interested in the translation and notes I did starting here. I like the way Rashi continually points to the lilies as indicating students of Torah. He is right on, IMO. And he knows how to do allegory too.

    I have not reviewed my translation recently – too busy on psalms. So there may be some insupportable accidents.


    1. Thanks, Bob! Do you have any suggestions as the a singular passage to exegete?


  2. Well – among my favorites are Song 2:15 – about the foxes. There seems to be a word play between the foxes and the Shulamite. Also a good area is the hidden presence of God in the Song, in the names of the animals of the refrain. The refrain is different in each section. This might give some support to the overall allegory you sketched above. There is also a direct connection to the hart of Psalm 22 (inscription and 22:20 (Hebrew numbering). Then there is the watchmen striking the bride – there are two incidents with the watchmen, one where she is not struck and one where she is..

    Good writing – I hope we hear the results.


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