1. You have forever slandered the good name of Bob Cargill for associating it with mine…

  1. Anastasios

    The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church considers this book as part of its own canon. Interestingly enough, the Ethopian church is part of the same communion (Oriental Orthodoxy) as about 5 other national churches, all of which have DIFFERENT canons from one another.

    The fact that they consider different books authoritative doesn’t stop them from being in full communion with one another, which is mind-boggling from a “word-oriented” Western standpoint. Witness the neverending argument between Protestants and Catholics over canonicity, which each group considers to be nonnegotiable. The Orientals obviously don’t think canonicity is important enough of an issue to get divided over. Maybe we Westerners have a thing or two to learn from them?


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