1. irishanglican

    Whatever else we may say about John Rushdoony, and we may surely disagree often, he was a Christian man. Let us not forget that! I met Greg Bahnsen before he died in S. Calif. My brother lives near this Church.

    The Dominion movement has been pressed beyond even that of Rushdoony. But some of his ideas have merit for certain! The Church has been so compromised by the world, both modernism, and postmodernism. The Judeo-Christian world view hardly exists today!

    Fr. Robert


  2. Fr. Robert,

    I hope all is well. I have read just a smattering of Rushdoony, but as the ‘father’ of the Dominionism movement, his words will be examined. I believe it is a grand thought to have society bound to Christian servitude, but what has progressed from that – Joel’s Army, the Religious Right here in the States, the idea that the US must return to some idea of a ‘Christian’ nation, and the current trend to build upon seven moutains to control not just the US government, but international governments – it is worrisome to say the least.


  3. Dominion does not begin until the Son of Man has returned and is seated on His throne to judge the nations…Dominionism is an attempt to start it all without Jesus, that’s why all who speak of dominion, sounds right but not all right, because the centerpiece of Dominionism is missing..Jesus christ, back on earth reigning from Jerusalem for His millenium with His matryed saints…many of these theorists will not return anyway because they were never matryed. Better to concentrate and finish the preparations then to sit around with vain imaginators. Dr.Ed, a footstool of Jesus Christ


  4. Dr. Kwan,

    Well said. They want to force God’s hand before His time, without giving way to Christ. Well said indeed.

  5. N. de Guerre

    What can be said about Dominionism is true for Christian Zionism. Christian Zionists seem to be committed to forcing the end times prophesied in the Book of Revelation by supporting political/”worldly” regimes that gather up the Jews in the land of historic Israel (although, to be truly historic would mean a continued expansion) and advocates a construction of the 3rd Temple on the Muslim holy site, the Dome of the Rock. This not only serves to oppress Palestinian Christians and Muslims, but in effect shows a mistrust in God, a petulant lack of faith, and goes against the Christian “good neighbor” philosophy. It’s also extremely anti-semitic at it’s core, despite the movement’s cult-like love of all things Jewish and total fixation on the Holocaust (I think in the minds of CZs, 6 million Jews could’ve been used to settle Israel…and then they could be wiped out.) Indeed, it’s using Jews and the people of the Levant as tools to “hurry up” the Second Coming, just as a belief in Dominionism seeks to force God’s hand in establishing his Kingdom on Earth (or their interpretation of God’s Kingdom). The way I see Dominionism working in the US, it’s bosom buddies with Christian Zionism and often they are the same people. They’re the Apocalypse Now crowd.

  6. Ken

    Dominion Theology in the hands of Pentacostals is like a thornbush in the hand of a drunk.

    Which is to say, Joel’s Army is not remotely related to Dominion Theology as taught by Rousas Rushdooney, they just seem to have liked the ring of the name and have taken it for their own purposes.

  7. Anastasios

    Ironic that Rushdoony, an Armenian, would have called his organization the “Chalcedon Foundation”. The Armenian Apostolic Church is non-Chalcedonian.

  8. Andrew

    Those who are saying that it is without Christ – he states clearly in one of the videos that it starts with each man being governed by Christ. Yes it would be incredible to have Jesus present ruling from Jerusalem, but as individuals we do not require that to be in place for our hearts to be totally bowed to the authority and reign of our saviour. read Colossians 1 – “to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross”. All things are to be reconciled to God through the cross, not a physical reign in Jerusalem.


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