1. Angry Write Mail

    The American Revolution was about far more than “taxes”, and was certainly intellectually and morally superior to “mob rule fashion”.

    You’re reciting a comic book version of American history. I believe a reading of the Declaration of Independence would increase your understanding.

    America’s founders, through acts of courage and faith, founded a nation that freed Europe (including England) in the 20th century, by resisting the evil empires of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

    That’s right – America has not only stood down its own government, but has challenged the authority of other nations’ morally bankrupt regimes.

    God has indeed blessed America like he has no other country on earth, save perhaps, Israel. And during the revolution, even the British recognized God’s hand of providence in the cause of the colonies.

    To compare America’s founders to Nero – a psychopathic tyrant – is not only inflammatory, but morally problematic. I don’t believe you grasp the obligation we Christians have to fight evil – not only through prayer, but by force, if need be.

    You’ve opined that the founding of America was an un-Christian act – and many good Christians would agree with you.

    So, don’t you all consider it hypocritical to remain on America’s tainted soil for even another minute? After all, isn’t it akin to accepting stolen property?

  2. Deb

    I think America has been blessed too long, and Our Abba God is very tired of the falling away, the moral standards we have here, and we are seeing his Wrath.. and it is only going to get worse,Unless America comes back and repents!


  3. I believe that it was Solomon who states that “there is a time and a place for everything including (war”. My biblical stance would be to “follow after anything that upholds biblical morality and does not threaten the liberty of conscience.” I believe in giving “honor where it is do” only to the extent of crossing the biblical model for morality 10 commandments and such supporting Love modules. I believe historically if there was no breaking away from the english government or the monarchy,(which was tainted by roman influence) then America would not have the position of freedom of religion and such. No, the invisible church is not governed by governments that are spiritually rogue, but we are to stand in the areas that are needful and abstain even if it means unpopularity….From the historical standpoint our democratic society was founded on the premise of being able to be free in conscience choice. While the monarchy that we came from was leaning toward the influence of one church (rome). America only stands to be this land of freedoms because at a certain time in a certain place the time that Solomon spoke of came and we were in desperate need of breaking away. Our leaving(monarchy) was God provoked so the continuance of the visible church could be set free and the undefiled gospel could be spread and maintained. Thanks for your time reading…God Bless America and Everywhere else!!!!


  4. Actually, I have done my fair share of historical research, since that whole history major thing. I note two or three things
    1.) You never provide any counter arguments, just that I was wrong
    2.) You compare American to Israel, which tells me that you are one of ‘those.’
    3.) You believe everything you read or see with the flag behind it.

    This world is not my home – whether I am here or Russia or Nuie. All are stolen property because we have all stolen God’s creation.

    Tell me, show me, where in Scripture are we required to fight by force the evil which lies before us?


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