1. Deb

    I wonder how many ,many books are they gonna be written ,when all we need is the Bible? so many different ones…

  2. mirele

    Erm, what kind of credentials does Lauren Winner have to be translating anything? According to the (rather out of date) biography on her website, she is revising her dissertation on household religious practices in 18th century Virginia. While that indicates to me that she’s done graduate-level work in preparation for a Ph.D, it doesn’t indicate that she has any experience with, uh, Greek.

    I imagine the same could be said about many of the other contributors–I’m wondering if they weren’t just handed a book or a portion of a book and told to rewrite it to sound more contemporary. That’s not a translation, that’s a paraphrase and was the thing that really caused problems for the old Living Bible. (But I still have the LB my grandparents gave me at high school graduation over 30 years ago, I treasure it.)


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