1. Eluros Aabye

    Great review. You certainly give it high praise. Sounds like a great resource.

  2. Daniel O

    Comment….. Comment Comment Commet Comment….. Comment Comment

  3. S. Daniel Owens

    Well, wether you are right or wrong I know one thing for sure. I really want to find out for myself of this book is that good or not.

  4. John R. Gentry (@johnrgentry)

    Joel, thanks for good and thorough review. Sounds like I need this book, though the Kindle edition will do just fine. 😉

    God bless,



  5. “The only “bad” thing we can do is to ignore the very real idea that everything we are and have done before approaching the text will affect how we read the text. We cannot simply wash away our prejudices like we wash away the dirt before we eat dinner. No, we must take these things — the sum total of our parts — and understand that they may sway us.”

    This is something I think many people do forget. They look at the words on the page and assume they are what they are without ever accounting for their own subjective biases.

    It’s important to know not only the context the scripture was birthed in, but the context the scripture is being read in… both can shift interpretation off of being accurate.


  6. As I read this review I wonder again, ‘why doesn’t the church expect each member to delve into the study of scriptures as if we were all seminary students?’ Is it asking too much? Why is there a separation of scholarship as if a line were drawn between the laity and the clergy. Why are there two words to describe one body?
    Notwithstanding, what if the ‘clergy’ were more in tune to hear the Holy Spirit whisper truth and what if the ‘laity’ were more inclined to study? What then?

  7. Dwight Davis

    Good review. I’d really like to read the book now. I’m curious to see his presentation of prima scriptura as I’m not entirely sure where I fall on prima/sola and come from a more Reformed background. I’d love to win a copy. Probably be pretty helpful for my divinity school studies as well.

    1. Craig Falvo

      That leads me to ask how is Croy’s understanding of prima scriptura different from the Orthodox understanding?


  8. I have been wanting to get this book for a long time due to my interest in hermeneutics. I think this is a great addition as the church continues to rethink the relation of Scripture to the Great Tradition. Pick me! Pick me! :-)

  9. Brian Roden

    I think this book would be very helpful for my MA theology studies (NT concentration)


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