1. Bonhoeffer has become something of a cipher. Liberals have generally gravitated to the Letters and Papers and Evangelicals to Discipleship. Metaxas writes well but is clueless theologically, so he was able to find aspects of Bonhoeffer that fit his vision of what a good evangelical believed (proof texted Bonhoeffer) and left off everything else. I’m not sure that evangelicals have offered correctives. They have appropriated him in ways that have suited their purposes, even as liberals have. But we are best served by taking Bonhoeffer as a whole, which is what the project that Clifford Green and Victoria Barnett have tried to provide us with.

    I’ve not yet read the book, but am glad that overall it is a good read.

    By the way, have you read Schlingensiepen’s bio? Doesn’t read like a Metaxas novel, but is an excellent portrait,


    1. Craig Falvo

      I have not read Schlingensiepen’s bio, but it is only my wishlist along with Bethge’s bio. I really need to buckle down and read them.

      Speaking as someone who is on the more progressive/liberal side of Christianity, I do agree that Bonhoeffer has been appropriated by both sides to fit their needs.

    2. kurt

      Hey Bob! What about those of us who like Life Together? and V’s 10, 12, 14 & 15 – along with Ferdinand’s matter of fact volume? Where do we fit in this Bonhoeffer chart?


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