1. Know More Than I Should

    The god of the cannibal is inevitably a cannibal. Likewise, the god of the angry person is inevitably angry. So, it seems, that God is inevitably made it the image or his or her creator.


  2. It does seem sometimes that gods are reflections of human beings, rather than vice versa. Sometimes I wonder who it might be who looks in the mirror. When we look out into the cosmos on a clear night we see a disordered mass of bright dots, which our minds begin to corral into familiar forms. I wonder why that is. There is clearly some mechanism within our organic bodies that makes an organization out of chaos. Were it not for our odd and natural propensity to organize chaos (and the chaos’s willingness to be organized), we could not produce technology, reliable medicine, or control and predict future states of matter. What was in us that caused us to reach out into the darkness and expect to find something familiar, why should we expect to find anything useful among so much flotsam – something we could assemble into an adze to funnel out a canoe from a tree trunk, or to blend bug guts and minerals to paint the walls of our cave? If it were all an illusion, I wonder, is my body some blobby jellyfish, the complicated tendrils of my intellect wafting and curling into the abyss merely to get food and combine its juices for progeny? I would wonder how those tendrils, finding nothing but a cold, black, abyss would ever even suppose that there might be some kind or generous leviathan, lurking just beyond their reach, who provides daily nutrients, and guides my gelatinous self through the cold shadows. No, I don’t think a million generations of us should ever come up with such a silly idea as a kind or loving leviathan. Even more preposterous would seem a great, noble jellyfish who exemplified qualities that I didn’t have, and whose qualities were such that I couldn’t comprehend them. If that were the case, I would have no choice, but to feebly compare those qualities to things I held familiar, knowing all along that I could never say exactly what I meant when I spoke of this creature. I would say fumbling things like, oh, the leviathan is powerful like a great fish, or unfathomable like the depths of the sea… but whose ever heard of Cnidarian poetry?

  3. Sue Ellen

    God Is Love. God is Grace.
    Pray and ask God to open your eyes and touch you heart with his truth while you open and read his living word. Then the holy spirt will unveil the truth to you and you will see and know the God I know. God allowed sin to enter this world because he wants our love – pure & without demand -. He let’s us choose right from wrong. That is Love/God. Humans can not know what is bad without consiquence. Sin gives us the consiquence not Love/God.


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