1. So tell me if I’m getting this right: basically it looks as though somebody was uncomfortable with the really inclusive-looking language and decided to ‘correct’ the Bible’s theology, no? As much as I hate to do this, I’m going to have to award one Mitchell point to the NLT on this one, and none to the N/KJV.

    1. Polycarp

      That is what it seems like, Mitchell. There is no other reference to the ‘nations of the saved’ in the bible, and indeed, much to the contrary for the construct.

      The ‘saved’ should be ‘redeemed’ and the ‘redeemed’ are those no longer considered either the ‘nations’ or Jews but God’s people.

  2. gerald

    Thank you for this. What more can I say? Thank you. It seems to me more people are trying to renew the bible with their minds and are not content to renew their minds with the bible. It distresses me to see all of these and the people who will fall by them but it must also be god’s will. it also explains why people- esp KJV only people tends towards their views, and Universalism is rejected


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