1. Does not supporting the state of Israel make you an adherent of replacement theology these days?


    1. Jeremiah,

      Well, that would be the point. Mistakenly, yes, because Israel is a nation “legally” – the UN granted them the land they possess, etc. Theological justifications of it are based on flawed eschatology, which is in turn based on flawed theology, which is based on flawed exegesis, etc 😛

  2. Robert

    Thanks for the link, I’ll listen when I get some time later on.

    One of the challenges I get to my replacement position is that the Abrahamic Covenant is eternal and unconditional. Yet I am forced to consider that this isn’t really the case. Since it isn’t complete for all of Abraham’s descendents. It works great for Isaac and Jacob but not so much for Ishmael and Esau.

    We have to begin separating spiritual Israel from political Israel, since the Scriptures seem to do this easily.


    1. Robert, I dont think its that complicated.

      According to Hebrews, Abraham is the father of Faith.. his descendants are not nationally selected, but by faith. Jesus also says being a physical descendant of Abraham does not mean you are truly Israel. You are truly Israel by faith in the redemption work of God. Therefore the promises to Abraham are eternal, and unconditional, and apply to the faithful, not to people who are merely Israel because they happen to be born Jewish.

      Entry into the covenant has ALWAYS been by faith, and not by nature of natural birthright, or by any deed one might do.


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