Recent ‘Real’ Biographies on David Elkington, the Lead Head

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First, from a person claiming to be his son:

I can back this person up 100% as this is an Immidiate family member on the Elkington side and i am the estranged son in question. David Elkington or Paul – as he is legally known, well the truth is that as far as i know the man only achieved 3 GCSE’s and is not qualified at anything. He has never, ever, paid child support as apparently he is on an Incapacity Benefit that the Child Support Agency cannot touch! – I have evidence! .Surely if he is working on this on a pure voluntary basis (source: official press release), then how is he earning money? When i briefly contacted him 3 years back, he and Jennifer Solignac gave me roughly 6 hours of their time and dismissed me followed up by nasty distasteful emails and letters. For many years he denied being my father until we had a DNA test conducted (when i was about 7).

As a very level headed person and A level English and Media Studies student i am generally concerned with the situation unfolding in International Media. Personally i am very sceptical and believe these to be forgeries and a PR stunt for his book The Lead Codices that was meant to be published in May. – apparently this book is to soon be published but under a different name: Divine Revelation. A PR stunt perhaps – who knows? I am extremely concerned with the event unfolding as he could be getting himself in serious trouble.

Embarrasment is not a big enough word to express how i have been feeling over the past week. PS Dad: I achieved 12 GCSE’s last year.

From an anon,

Dear Telegraph and Olga Craig. This couple are BOGUS.When this couple,David/Paul and Dame Jennifer Solignac de Compte Elkington are about to be found out they run for cover like Bonny and Clyde. They always have. I can see that they are great figures of fun for the Telegraph Tabloid, but in real life they are two poor, wretched,sick individuals who have been very harmful to those who have been taken in by them in the past.

Olga, like myself and so many others you have been DUPED. You’ll kick yourself one day for ever heving fallen for this shameful charade.

Perhap’s they are leading the ‘Life of O’Reilly’ (also the title of a tasteless novel David Elkington wrote about god being born in Ireland) but those who have had the misfortune to have been deceived by them still bear the scars. Olga, if you really want a story you don’t need to send journalists in search of it , and if you are in need of a few bob yourself I would advise you to buy the rights to the film.

Edward you are a brave young man.My heart goes out to you and your Mother,and please remember that those who know the truth about these things will stand by you. Congratulations on your 12 GCSE’s.

And, Oliver Dear,

The Elkingtons’ story is far more fantastic than it seems and so it is a pity that fact-checking was not uppermost in reporter’s or Literary Agents minds – as they are certainly guilty of misrepresenting them then and even now. A truly fascinating if lamentable story has been missed – hopefully not for long – as they continue to discredit themselves and others.

The “dodgy duo”, as they are sometimes known by former intimates, have been in hiding from creditors, family members, Wiltshire police and other officials for several years now – as could be easily proved by any investigative reporter worth his salt.

Interviewing former friends, collaborators and neighbours, or mere comparison of online CV’s, would reveal Paul (aka David) Elkington to be someone who has claimed to be a Hollywood Film Director and/or Producer, Maori Prince, Carthusian Monk, Druid, a free-thinking author, Consultant to the European Parliament on “Sonic Resonance”, prominent Mason, holder of an African tribe’s sacred “seeing -stone”, consultant on Chinese Trade, PR consultant, confident of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, holder of a PHD or Professorial chair at a Californian University, as well as self-styled expert of comparative religions, the occult and ancient languages. Quite an achievement for one whose further education was an incomplete course in graphic design at Corsham College of Art & Design. There seems to be some suggestion that he left under a cloud of suspicion then having submitted others’ work as his own.

Coupled to their penchant for writing threatening letters on “borrowed” solicitor’s notepaper, or harassing former friends and elderly ladies so that a restraining order had to be placed on them, their characters are far more rabid Walter Mitty than heroic Indiana Jones.

As regards his consort, she has an equal ability to shape-shift as she sometimes styled herself a PR or Literary agent, writer, or “Dame” Jennifer le Compte…the title is not aristocratic but an honorary one conferred by a Scottish Neo-Templar ( Freemason) dining club which has more chiefs than indians: Here they all dress up in gorgeous robes and call one another by bogus titles. Her latest reincarntion, unsurpringly, is as an Art Historian.

The Elkington’s generally hide from what they call “vicious” criticism and have frequently claimed persecution by “dark forces” in governments who wish to keep their discoveries hidden. They have already claimed that the CIA, Mossad and MI5 are out to discredit them. One can be sure that the Telegraph and BBC Radio 4 did not find them, but that it was the other way round as they have a new book to tout.

As Dr Thronemann has demonstrated online recently, any real expert opinion on these fake codices has been ignored by them for years. One can only expect such informed comment to be parlayed into a “hidden code” which only they, and those dumb enough to buy book, will be unable to unravel.

But most worrying is that as long as they are at large people who have righteously protested about their behavior remain targets for their malice. Watch yourselves!

And what started it all,

If you want a comment then here is a truthful one.
I have know David Elkington, whose real name is Paul Elkington, but has also been known by many others too, for many years the fact being i am a family member. To put the record straight once and for all Paul is by no means a Scholar of Ancient Religious Archaeology or a Scholar of anything else. Neither is he a Professor, a Lord, (which he has used over the years for his own gain) or have large amounts of letters after his name. He is in fact a conman to which many people would willingly state. This man has emotionly hurt elderly and ill people and sucked them dry financially. I think the uk police would like some truthful answers to a few questions too. He has hurt his own family and disowned his own son who so much would a like a normal relationship with him, but that’s never going to happen because Paul Elkington is far from normal or compassionate, in my opinion he needs medical attention.
Joel L. Watts
Joel L. Watts holds a Masters of Arts from United Theological Seminary with a focus in literary and rhetorical criticism of the New Testament. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of the Free State, analyzing Paul’s model of atonement in Galatians. He is the author of Mimetic Criticism of the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and Commentary (Wipf and Stock, 2013), a co-editor and contributor to From Fear to Faith: Stories of Hitting Spiritual Walls (Energion, 2013), and Praying in God's Theater, Meditations on the Book of Revelation (Wipf and Stock, 2014).

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  1. I can assure you Edward is Mr Elkingtons son, i am his aunt and very proud to be, as he is a complete opposite of his father, and i am glad that Mr Elkington played no part in his upbringing as Edward is an honest,kind and caring young man who is doing extremely well in his studies and has so far notched up twelve G.C.S.E’s four times the amount his Father has. Well done to his Mother (my sister) i say.

  2. Only that he claimed he used to be a Monk, which turned out to be untrue!!!!!
    I am aware of a few of his antics, but im sure nobody will speak up.

  3. I too can confirm that Edward is Davids son as I am Edwards cousin. I do think it’s sad that he has never made the effort to spend more time with Edward but my eldest sister never knew her dad, nor did he pay any child support. He is not the first person to claim un needed Incapacity Benefits and he wont be the last. BUT! Can anyone blame David for taking advantage of the situation? To me, I find it rather clever for David to play the game he plays.

    1. The man’s character is questionable, of that, there is no doubt, but is there proof that he has done something like this in the past or has the ability to manufacture these things? Also, any reports of a raid this morning in Kent dealing with ancient artefacts?

  4. Well he did go to an art school to study graphic design so maybe thats how he came up with the images. He did write a book and tried to sell it last year called The Lead Codices, but no one was buying. His American wife did work in public relations for a publisher-so they know how to get publicity out there. I have been following their escapades for many years-I know the family. They have always had the dream of being rich and famous and selling a movie to Hollywood and living a jet set life. Until now , they have had no real source of income and have conned friends to finance their lifestyle. I think this charade is a last ditch effort to make their dreams come true-as the friends pocketbooks have closed for them.

    1. I was at Bath Academy of Art with PAUL Elkington, around 1980, in his area,visual communication, for which he must have had 5 O levels! He was “let go”, but I never knew why exactly.His work was weak, and he had a penchant for fantasy, wearing a deerstalker hat and an affected upper class accent. He hung around corsham for several months rather pathetically, drawing pubs in pencil to try to earn money. I believe he threw himself at the mercy of the Corsham W.I. ,and I remember thinking.. “what a clever idea”.
      Later I heard via the grapevine he had sewcured some free accommodation,hooked up with the daughter of a wealthy lady and was doing well.
      I always had the impression he was a creation of his own imagination, self deluded if you like, however at art school we were all experimenting with our personas in an atmosphere of indulgence, so this was not exceptional.

  5. As l have been conned out of a lot money by my son Paul David Elkington (known as David Elkington) and his so called wife, l would warn the public not to get involved with this couple.
    Not only me (Paul Mother) who has lost so much money because he
    told me he has no intention of paying me back but he has conned so many other people. All the grand titles he thinks he has are not true in fact he has no qualification’s what so ever. He was educated at a boy’s secondary school in Hornchurch and then went to the Bath academy of art. When he left the art school under a dark cloud he was a different person, and came out out with a plum in his throat and since just went on conning people and lying. He has in the past used names such as Lord Elk. professor Elkington and so on. He has a very bright son Edward, but has disowned him for some unknown reason
    he does not know what he is missing by not keeping in contact with his son Edward. As his mother l am disgusted at his attitude his behaviour towards his family and other people he has hurt in the past. I just hope that Paul and his wife will be stop from conning any more people.

    Paul if your late father was alive, l am sure he would have disown you for what you have done.

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