Really, Really Old 6000 year old fossil found

A team of paleontologists has discovered the oldest animal with a skeleton. Called Coronacollina acula, the organism is between 560 million and 550 million years old, which places it in the Ediacaran period, before the explosion of life and diversification of organisms took place on Earth in the Cambrian.

via Oldest organism with skeleton discovered in Australia.

Man… that’s a really old fossil for being less than 6000 years and all…


Joel L. Watts
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2 thoughts on “Really, Really Old 6000 year old fossil found

  1. Well, of course it’s not 6000 years old! Don’t you remember that Satan created the fossils in order to make them godless evolutionists worship him?

    So it’s got to be at least 5999 years old. Even less if he made them after Noah’s flood!

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