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  1. Harry Cannon

    I believe that you may be the same Craig Falvo began feeding the “homeless’ in the Library Park, Elizabeth City< NC in the winter of 2007 – 2008. I, along with several others fro Church of the Redeemer, Camden, NC joined you in your efforts in March of 2008.

    One of your very first friends from the streets was a lady named Zelda Allen. I write to tell you that Zelda left this earthly life early Sunday morning of last week. Her years of close association with spirits other than the Holy Spirit resulted in liver and kidney failure.

    The feeding ministry you began four years ago is now known as S.O.U.L.S (ServingOthers in Understanding with Love). Thirty four teams (250 volutneers) from 21 area congregations purchase, prepar and serve an average of 60 persons per night in the former band room of the abandoned MIddle School building on Elizabeth Street. Zelda has been a blessing to all on both sides of the table. She will live foreever in our hearts.
    Like all who knew her, I loved her. I will always hear her rendition of Amazing Grace and her raspy greeting , "Hey Daddy"!

    God bless you for lighting the fire which is now S.O.U.L.S.

    Harry Cannnon


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