1. Gary

    Missed the best part. Question on who would make the better father, Brand or Dawkins? Put some Brand and Dawkins into a test tube, implant in a surrogate mother. Both Brand and Dawkins raise the Brute. When he’s 18, give him a hunting knife, and have him kill one or the other.
    This answer has both biblical, and Freudian evolutionary undertones. Love it.

  2. Know More Than I Should

    Actually, there is a very effective alternative to “old leftist ideas or old revolutionary notions [that don’t] work anymore.” It’s apathy. Not only did it collapse the Soviet Union, it’s undermining America. Too many fanatics – both left and right – have cried “Wolf!” That’s why trust in EVERY major institution in the United States is eroding.

    Last month (June 2014), according to Gallup, less than half the American public had either “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of trust in churches/organized religion. The public had even less trust in medicine, the Supreme Court, the president, public education, banks, criminal justice, media, organized labor, big business, or Congress!

    Most frightening of all, according to Gallup, over half the public trusted the military!!! Of course, that shouldn’t be to surprising in an empire run by a bunch of draft-dodging cowards.


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