1. 3 things to start with: 1 do you really think the passages form a periscope? If so is there a submarine involved? Don’t you loathe spelling correction that changes pericope to periscope?
    2 Why would Revelation be written solely for those 7 churches, wouldn’t that defy the idea it is canonical? After all the canon was written for the catholic church (not Catholic). 3 Why do you believe the persecution of the church stopped 2 centuries afterward (or really ever) unless you mean general persecution, though that is different from persecution in general. (Gotta love the ease of equivocation in the English language). OK I lied… why should eschatology be separated from apocalyptic literature? Eschatology is a doctrine, apocalypse (unveiling) is a literery style.


    1. 1.) – Oh. Ha. Ha.

      2.) What about Timothy, Titus and the other single Church books?

      3.) Because not all unveiling will result in the End of the World.


      1. 2.) Do you really believe that any book in the Bible is for a single church? If so we should remove them. While they may have been addressed to a single church or a specific audience, so say that someone was “only” writing denies the intentionality of the Holy Spirit to deliver a consistent message to all the saints. It is the”only” that I am initially objecting to, the language of theology out of necessity must be very precise.

        3)Eschatology is not about the end of the world, SOME eschatology is about the end of this present age or this present earth (General) but there is also personal eschatology which is about what happens when our body dies or Christ returns. Again Eschatology is a doctrine, apocalyptic literature is a genre like poetry or history. you said “I believe that we should separate the eschatological aspects of those such as Paul and the apocalyptic imagery painted by John from each other” that is like saying we should remove the Penal substitutionary atonement from the narrative sections of the bible, the idea just does not make sense. YOu cannot simply remove or separate doctrines from genres. It is true that many doctrines are more present in some genres than others and vice versa but you can;t just separate them.


        1. 2.) No, I don’t actually. I completely agree with your points.

          3.) But, John isn’t laying the ground work for doctrine (Eschatology) in my opinion, but using a genre to reveal a prophetic statement. While this in of itself is doctrinal, it is not necessarily eschatological, or pointing towards the End of the World. We confuse apocalyptic language with eschatology. I think what Paul was writing to the Thessalonians about was eschatology, but what John was writing about was something different.

          This is my current http://thechurchofjesuschrist.us/2010/05/exploring-revelation-psalm-2-and-the-enthronement-of-the-son-as-god-2/


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