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  1. I don’t think it follows that Stephen was a henotheist, believing that the stars were real deities. I can state that someone worships an idol, or any other created thing like the sun or the stars, without thereby saying that I believe that their object of worship is anything more than an object, certainly not that it is a truly divine being.

    Now maybe Stephen, like many Christians today, did believe that there are genuine spiritual beings, perhaps demons, behind stars and behind idols. But I don’t think you can prove it from this verse. Anyway a clear distinction can be made, at least in classic Christian theology, between the one true God in three persons and lesser spiritual beings, i.e. angels and demons. It is not just a matter of who you worship, i.e. henotheism, but of which are objectively divine. It may be hard to prove that Stephen made exactly this distinction, but I don’t think we can prove either that he didn’t.


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