1. While I am a pacifist at heart: I really believe this guy needs a huge head butt!

    What ever happened to Paul’s teaching – For there is no Jew/ Gentile, Slave or Free, Male or Female in Christ Jesus.

    1. RODOFA

      What? That’s found in Scripture?

      Oh my…..


  2. If I may, I just want to clarify one thing to defend poor Van Til from the drubbing he gets over his “disciple” Rushdoony. It is true that RJR relied heavily upon Van Tillian presuppositionalism, or at the very least did so early in his career, but Rushdoony is solely responsible for his own peculiar mix of piercing social insight, bizarre reading of biblical laws to justify segregation, and, believe it or not, geocentrism. He is a disciple in the sense of a student, but a long-distance student and one who did not agree with his teacher on all important details.

    Van Til disagreed with Rushdoony’s view of biblical law, and wanted it to be known that Rushdoony-like beliefs are, in his words, “not inherent” in Van Tillian presup.


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