Poor Peter! Always getting ahead of himself!

Time to laugh a little at the expense of the same ol’ Simon Peter: OOOOOOps…


Milton Almeida
Born Arminian, turned Calvinist by the Grace of God, which also turned him from a Brazilian into an American. Former interpreter of most major TV ministries in America, TV personality in the late 80's and 90's and public speaker for audiences as large as 35,000 in Sports Arenas in South America and also spoke in mega-churches in the USA. Ordained Minister in Brazil and USA, who after leaving the ways of Arminius has taken the "Zaccheian" vow to restore fourfold with good doctrine those whom he had defrauded with bad doctrine. Brother Milton keeps his past ministerial life in the past other than benefit from his experience. Brother Milton doesn't care about his degree but does try to keep his temperature on the high.

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