1. When does talk stop being talk? Conservative activists are dancing dangerously close to speech that incites unlawful action as defined under Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969). In that case, it was determined that speech, similar to what crazy Phyllis and the NewsHacks guy used, is NOT protected under the 1st Amendment.

    What’s that old quote? When fascism comes to America it’ll be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

  2. Will

    Godwin’s law. She can now be ignored.

    Seriously though, this is a frightening thing. These people have no understanding about the nature of the American government, and that within 4 years, we can remove our President from office if we don’t like him. We can change laws that we disagree with. No matter how bad it gets, things can be changed and made better. Inciting a coup will only reduce your credibility and your numbers. We have no right to complain compared to how Jesus and his people lived under the rule of the Romans, yet he still showed respect to the government. We at least have a democratic system wherein we can fix what we perceive to be problems.

    Sorry for the rambling post, I’m barely awake right now.


  3. First of all, the level of historical ignorance required to refer to Nazis as Marxists is beyond comprehension. The other day, I was listening to some guy talk about having been to Auschwitz and seen what the Marxists did there.

    Ironically, Soviet troops were the ones who liberated Auschwitz. What Marxists brought to Auschwitz was hope, but maybe that’s beside the point …

    Moreover, I can’t help but shake my head. Want to know what it takes to tear the country apart? Political rhetoric over taxes. Maybe you thought that Americans were made of stronger stuff and felt some kind of kinship toward each other, but nope … that’s all it takes.


  4. “As a Christian, and as American, I urge you to pray for our President, and our Country, and to start to speak out against those who would (use) Christianity, either the word or using it as a platform, to urge such things as what you have seen above”

    Amen Joel.

    We can’t stand by and allow these people to misrepresent Christ or Christianity with this garbage–and that’s exactly what they are doing in the eyes of the lost. We need to denounce them as not being an example of Christ, Christianity, or the Church in America.


  5. The political as well as the religious freedoms are within the conscience. The battle is always first in the mind (will, intellect then emotions) But the grave problem today is people don’t really want to think, as they just want and have ignorant opinions. “Where there is no prophetic or moral vision, the people cast off restraint (lit. are naked); But happy is the one who keeps the law (right & wrong). (Prov. 29:18)
    Fr. R.


  6. I have updated the post to include a link as well.

    And no, not a rambling post. Well said, Will


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