‘Pastor’ Paul Begley is ‘ill-informed’

According to Pastor Begley, the Bible points to these events and others as being the end of times.

Begley points to a passage in Matthew as the source of his inspiration. After the disciples ask him, “What shall be the sign of thy coming?” Jesus responds, in Matthew 24:7-8, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth-pains.”

Begley maintains that Oklahoma is one of those “places,” and so believers and sinners alike should beware the coming of Christ.

Oklahoma Earthquakes Today Are a Sign of the End, Says Pastor Paul Begley (VIDEO), Christian News.

I’m serious – what if this guy actually spent time looking at the USGS site to discover that there are many earthquakes, daily, which are happening, all the time? People like this bother me – people who issue false proclamations and somehow, expect everyone to believe it…

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Joel L. Watts
Joel L. Watts holds a Masters of Arts from United Theological Seminary with a focus in literary and rhetorical criticism of the New Testament. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of the Free State, analyzing Paul’s model of atonement in Galatians. He is the author of Mimetic Criticism of the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and Commentary (Wipf and Stock, 2013), a co-editor and contributor to From Fear to Faith: Stories of Hitting Spiritual Walls (Energion, 2013), and Praying in God's Theater, Meditations on the Book of Revelation (Wipf and Stock, 2014).

64 thoughts on “‘Pastor’ Paul Begley is ‘ill-informed’

      1. Umm Yes. You are attacking people that are on your team. Can you image what would happen and how many people would get saved if you spent all of that time trying to reach out to people that do not know Jesus Christ? Hmmmm…

      2. “Begley maintains that Oklahoma is one of those “places,” and so believers and sinners alike should beware the coming of Christ.”

        EVERYONE needs to be aware of the coming of Christ. EVERYONE on EARTH. If Oklahoma is on Earth, then they will be subject to God’s Tribulations and Righteous Judgment.

        “I’m serious – what if this guy actually spent time looking at the USGS site to discover that there are many earthquakes, daily, which are happening, all the time? People like this bother me – people who issue false proclamations and somehow, expect everyone to believe it…”

        Thank you for making the point. THERE ARE ALOT OF EARTHQUAKES NOW. These are the signs. There are comets, in the stars, Blood Moons coming, Solar Eclipses, Wars and rumors of wars. You sound like the Pharisees, asking Jesus Christ for a sign to prove, He IS Who He says He IS. duh, lol, how about that dead guy Lazarrus He just resurrected? or all the people He healed? or the water to wine? or feeding the FIVE Thousand. Open your eyes. The handwriting is on the wall.

      3. Why do you have a woman on the cross up on the top of your page? Jesus was not a woman so you must be false and therefore are ill-informed.

    1. Paul Begley is a 2-bit conman that makes money peddling his prejudices in the cloth of religion. Honestly, I have more respect for pickpockets than this guy. P.S. I knew Paul Begley before he started evangelizing on Youtube, so I know the man and his agenda.

      1. Buddy, if you can BACK UP YOUR CLAIM about Paul, and PROVE to me, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you “knew him before” by citing specific examples then I will publically agree…otherwise…for what I have observed, and as the BIBLE SAYS ABOUT KNOWING THEM BY THERE FRUIT….Paul is a good man.

      Its not hard to figure out that the world is coming to an end and all the people who are NOT saved are going to HELL and I am NOT Apologizing for the TRUTH. YOUR JUST A PAID GOVERNMENT TROLL AND EVERYONE KNOWS THEY ARE HIDING THE TRUTH

  1. I thank you for drawing attention to Paul Begley, I have attempted to talk to him on his mis leading the public and viewers to his you tube site. He never supplies a link to his story’s this way he can twist them to fit his prophecy. All to sell a coffee cup, squeeze the devil with the sale of his stress balls, or get you to buy his book the hosea prophecys for $19.95 now if he autographs it for you it will cost you $39.95. He is living proof of bible prophecy, JESUS spoke of Paul Begley saying many will come to decieve you, wolves in sheeps clothing, see to it you are not decieved…well his viewers are decieved. Scales over thier eyes. Now Begley claims to be a prophet??? I think he means profit. Bless you brother for bringing the truth out!

    1. Pastor Dave Zacker, you’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to compete with Paul Begley on Youtube ever since you started your so-called ministry there. I suggest you reexamine your own egocentric bias, as well as the mean-spiritedness you’ve inspired in members of your own small but blind personality cult. Frankly, it’s laughable to see you attack someone else’s credibility.

    2. i have been watching his video updates and he does to give info needed for refrences. and all you need to do is some re search yourself.

    3. Well say what you will but when YOU miss Jesus you will remember Pastor Paul….but then it will be too late…oh well

    4. Paul does not claim to be a prophet… he does NOT ask for money… he is a humble man of God trying to reach the lost and inform folks of the demonic presence in this world.
      Over 3000 souls for Christ is proof of his sincerity … quit bashing a brother in the Lord… a kingdom divided will not stand….!!! Praise God Paul is making a stand and fighting the enemy of the world for your souls….!!!

    5. UMMMM, Paul sent me the book for free. Love reading some on your web site, makes me feel a bit better knowing I am not the only one attacked. But hey keep up the good work dude, I think there is something in the Bible about being attacked….. something about a reward……

    6. Mr. Zacher.

      You are misinformed. Paul Begley is simply linking our current day to day events with verses in the bible that point towards the end times. Paul is not trying to gain any sort of selfish profit through his youtube videos. he is opening the eyes of people who are ignorant in the ways of seeing through the clouds of misconception. as an american citizen we are led to believe through many forms of media that our lives are not as comfortable as we think they are. It does not sit right with a large percentage of Americans, like you, who ignore the blatantly obvious facts that our world is in the end times. What is paul begley doing? He is telling us, he is opening our eyes, to the hard facts. There is nothing wrong with him raising money for his cause, furthermore Paul is not a false profit. Everything he is quoting is directly from the word of god.

  2. Paul Begley is correct in informing us about these signs and wonders re: end times, HOWEVER I do not share the view that God wants to punish His creation or these incidents as punishments for our sins as it will nullify the work f Christ on the cross – it is finished.

  3. Paul Begley has posted some bizarre and misinformed videos on his You Tube channel h topics like:

    Christians burned alive by Jihadists
    Aborted fetus soup in China
    Jesus photographed standing on the clouds
    US missile strike on Iran
    All of which were hoaxes. He deleted the videos, but with no You Tube follow up to explain the errors.

    I think this is a sign of a false teacher, no matter what “Gospel” he claims to be preaching. I find this reprehensible behavior for a Christian to do, let alone a pastor.

  4. If we need a pattern, we are lost; the warnings are given in the Bible, we have been told what to do and what NOT to do by Yah, millennia ago. since we are in deep trouble nationally, (are not all nations?) it would seem that people who took this lightly before might try to see what He and Yahushua said – again, just to make certain they are doing what they should and not doing what is repeatedly said to bring his wrath upon the earth, especially the fullness of his wrath upon the people who were blessed with all the historical truth; to whom much is given, much is required.

    we are a nation who has totally scorned Yah of the Scriptures. Almost all professing to believe the Bible are still stubbornly worshipping the Solar Deity in his place; Yah has said over and over, lamenting this fact, and condemning this abominable worship and Old religion. We do not care, or do not know, or know and do not care; this is the worst possible scenario, so please, the few believers who do care please prepare, because it is not left to our imagination to think what is coming to this country.

    Just prepare and save your children. In schools which have old architecture not up to megaquake code (7 and over) they STILL command our children to ‘get under desks’, which is going to crush these children. This needs to be replaced with the Triangle of Life protocol, which has been shown to save many more lives in megaquakes.

    the first goal is – to get OUTSIDE; but if there is no time, the Triangle of Life is the best choice if they are really thinking for our children’s best interests.

    It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a simple solution such as stacks of rows of newspapers bound together about 2 feet high in every classroom, will provide the non-compressable material needed to form a triangle of breathing room for the children, crouching/lying down right next to both sides of the row of newspapers. This can be achieved in a day if the will were there; parents, please, your children are trained by these people to obey them; if you trust the wrong people with your child’s life, your child will pay; in these states surrounding the New madrid fault zone, and Oregon, some of Washington, and probably vancouver island, the schools your children are attending are NOT up to megaquakes and the ‘get under your desk’ command, if obeyed, will result in unneccesarily high numbers of children killed by crushing, as history shows. Only in schools where they have built FOR MEGAQUAKES can afford to use the older, obsolete protocol (the ‘get under desk’ protocol). Please take this quickly up with your school, and demand they replace it with the Triangle of Life, if you live anywhere near the New Madrid fault zone, (Tennessee, MO, KY, AK, VA, NC, SC, etc.) and anywhere in Oregon which would be hardest hit by any earthquake caused by the Cascadian subduction zone fault slip – and those anywhere near should make sure they are safe and not sorry, by asking what the building code is, and what earthquake magnitude it was built to stand, and act accordingly. If they refuse to repleace this old protocol proven to crush children, (replace it with the safer Triangle of Life), you have every right to refuse to send your child to that school.

    We are in for megaquakes. We don’t know when, but your child is counting on you to do this quickly, without delay.

      1. Hey Joel,
        I’m going to send you a little piece of advice which I hope you will listen to, after all, if you weren’t worth it, I wouldn’t bother, but your decision, take it or leave it.
        When God says you get to be perfect like He is, we’ll take you seriously too. Begley is still just a guy, and he makes mistakes, just like you or I do, so you shouldn’t hold him to a standard you yourself can’t meet. It makes you look like you’re jealous, nitpicking and unwilling to be charitable as Christians are taught to be. Always keep in mind that the measure you blog with will be used to measure you.

  5. The upcoming days of Spring Equinox, Good Friday, Easter, the days after each of those rituals/rites of the Solar God (and his Goddess and baby incarnation saviour figure) would be times I would be expecting a major earthquake, just on the Bible alone. It also set a precedent (Exodus, the ritual to honour the Solar Deity involving the Golden Calf apostacy, followed by an earthquake, (mega?) which killed 3000 of those revelers? (I may be wrong on that number though) showed Yah has much fury and does not take this religious double-dealing lightly; this nation should take heed for that.

    The Golden Calf, symbol of the Sun God, Baal, Molech, Kronos, etc. is also feted after the above dates, again, in April, from April 19 – thru the 30th, (Walpurgisnacht) then, May 1, and if old style Beltaine, it may be (when, I cannot still find out this year), but is many times held on May 5. (like in 2006). Ritual will be done on May 1, and April 30, yes; so, as in the Biblical precedent, watch out not only for that date, on which the ritual and sacrifices are held in honour of that horrible God, but the DAY AFTER.

    Remember the Lisbon Earthquake in 1755. It was after the horrible sacrifices of Oct 31, Samhain, (halloween) and the next morning, Nov 1, (also used for ritual in the Catholic Church, under another name) at about 8:45 in the morning; people ran about in sheer panic with their crucifixes, to the churches, and the churches were already FULL at that day, for the holiday, AND THEY ALL PERISHED. Their lying priests could not save them, and their crosses did not save these people. About 10,000 people perished per minute in the first 6 minutes of that quake. For any trapped (remember your children, trapped under their desks, hurt, if not dead) the fire that began after that quake lasted for 3 days, so there was indeed a huge holocaust; the devil did get his due on that day, and Yah, fed up with this people’s intransigent attitude of scoffing and pride, intent of carrying on as the priests taught them, (lies, nothing but lies) did not stop this. He has said he will give to us what we want; have we made ourselves any more clear than those Portuguese people and priesthood?

    Remember the Christmas and day after Christmas, Dec 25/26, of megaquake and destroying tsunami in 2004.

    Remember last year’s megaquake in Christchurch.

    Remember this year’s destruction of the unprecedentedly early tornadoes thruout the states, on – yes – St. Eichatadt Day – and the DAY AFTER: March 1 and March 2.

    Check a fully accurate 2012 Satanic calendar for the dates, and then, beware, renounce those days of worship and ceremony, ask forgiveness from Yah who made you, in Yahushua’s name, as he has taught in the bible; include the preparation of possible earthquakes the DAY AFTER each ritual day as well.

    And please, make it today’s priority to talk to every one of the parents you can, about the school protocol, for your children’s sakes.

    Demand your child’s schools throw out the old, proven-to-cause-deaths-in-large-numbers ‘get under your desks!’ technique, which is insanity in most school buildings – which were NOT BUILT TO WITHSTAND MEGAQUAKES.


    Until they do, if you sense a risk for earthquake, do not send your child to that school. Their lives may depend on this action.

  6. Those ritual days which are mentioned above:

    March 1, and day after, March 2 (passed)

    March 20 and the day after, March 21 (this day is also a full moon ritual as well as the day after the equinox)

    The day of March 22 is also a bad ritual day since it is Skull and Bones specially revered number, 322 (March 22 = 3-22), which who knows what exactly the Satanists love this for but it does have their sacred number 3, and 11, (twice, double, 22) meaning destruction, and rebellion, chaos (11) doubled, or mirrored,
    and also 3 times 22 is 66, just to mention the possibilities of what they may be doing ritually on that day – so watch possibly for the day after the ritual, as well.

    April 6 Good Friday, and the day after
    April 7, Black Saturday, and the day after, (these are Satanic church holidays – complete Solar Deity religion, condemned)
    April 8 = Ishtar (Eostre, Ostara) The Day honouring both the Queen of Heaven and her Son, incarnation of God, The Solar Deity
    Watch therefore, as well as this ritual day honouring the adversary and enemy (Yah’s wrath still withheld, but how long?)
    for the day AFTER EASTER as WELL.

    Feast of the Beast, a lengthy ritual celebration period, beginning with horrible April 19 (requires human sacifice, and conflagration)

    Through to culmination of the night of April 30, (another sacrifice) and May 1, Beltaine; and the day after, May 2.

    If anyone knows when Old Style Beltaine is being held this year, please will you post it so we will know for certain when to watch out.
    It may be on May 5.

    5 means death. Two fives?
    next day after that (possible date for O. S. Beltaine) is 5-6, which is 11. Also bad for us. These rituals are not for us, they are used to achieve the goals of the demons invoked, who are not for us. Please watch, pray and pray without ceasing that you be considered worthy to escape these things coming upon the earth. This is the day of trouble.


    May Yah be with all of you, keeping you safe, and your young

    Thank you for your infomation here.

  7. Hello, Shalom,

    I see what you said; In what/which regard?

    I may be wrong on the ‘pattern’ thing, but Yah certainly has made known how he is angered at these days. So I would not be surprised if we see more of that. (on those days or the day after those days).

    Thank you, May Yah lead you into all His truth

  8. At least Paul is warning of the Coming of Christ .
    The key sign is Israel becoming a nation again ….the Diaspora ended , 1948.
    What are you doing ?
    Do you tell people they need to believe on The Lord Jesus Christ to be saved ?
    Stop criticizing a man who cares about others and warns .
    He has his crowns in heaven waiting .
    What do you have ?

    1. But- the people in Israel should be told not about Jesus Christ ‘to be saved’, that is wrong, and in direct opposition to what the Bible teaches us to do in worship of IAUE. We are to accept HIS SON, NOT THE SOLAR DEITY’S BABY SAVIOUR-FIGURE, who is clearly represented by Jesus Christ, as taught in church as worshipped by all Christendom.

      This saviour-figure is not the saviour of the Bible, people. That saviour, the real saviour, of the Hebrew people, is Yahshua, or Yahushua, to be more correct. He did not create a new or different religion, like Jesus Christ is said to have done, (nailing the law to the cross, saying you can ignore the Father’s words, carrying the sign of the cross like the others, and refusing to carry The Creator’s Name in his, – which the real messiah of scripture does carry, his father’s name is in his name).

      There is more than the issue of name, but the issue of name is vital to the discernment of the saviour of the bible. Also vital is that we are not supposed to observe his birthday at Christmas IN ANY WAY as that celebration is ALWAYS THE BIRTH CELEBRATION OF THE SOLAR DEITY’S BABY (SATAN’S SON), BORN OF THE GODDESS EASTER/ISHTAR/ASTAR, ASHTARTE).

      We are forbidden in the bible, by IAUE (YAHUEH, YHWH) from celebrating his mother’s fertility rites called EASTER, named FOR THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN, exactly pronounced ‘Ea-stur’, Ishtar in Nineveh. Her worship is integral and so is this celebration to the Babylonian Queen of Heaven whose abominations are spoken of in the bible repeatedly, and forbidden. Yet the Israelites wanted to worship her and her nice baby saviour son, for his religion is so worldly, and so righteous-sounding and so piously did they love him, and her, and the Father, Satan, (Baal, in many names) that no one could get thru to them in their deep, dark spiritual state of slavery to this SPIRIT of INIQUITY that this was a sin in the eyes of Yah, and a betrayal of our real messiah of Scripture, the many prophecies regarding his coming, they would not entertain in their already-taken minds. This is exactly the condition of Christians today, we are as enslaved by the light-bearer Satan and his baby, (many names, but Tammuz, Dumuzi, Her, Horus, Bacchus, Dionysus, Esus, Hesus, Christos, Jesus ARE NOT THE NAME OF THE REAL MESSIAH OF THE BIBLICAL PROPHECIES, WHO CAME IN THE WILL OF YAHUEH ALREADY ONCE, AND WILL RETURN AGAIN TO RULE AS KING IN HIS FATHER’S KINGDOM.
      You who will not listen to the facts, to reason, and stubbornly refuse to countenance his truth, which is his Father’s truths, and refuse to even say his right name, or his father’s Name, (IAUE, Yahueh, Yahweh), will know at the instant he does return that you were dead wrong all the time, and your shame will be upon you for your resistance to learning the truth. But it will also be upon your pastors, your preachers, your priests, who knew the truth, and did not want to tell you the truth is not what they teach in Church.

      The sign of this ancient Solar Deity who is styled many things, and carries many names which is most known by all the world, is THE CROSS. The Deity Satan, and the son of this Deity, the ‘Anti-christ’ spoken of in the Bible, is understood by all the people of the world who worship him, to be the incarnation of his father, (Satan), and is THE ONE HONOURED – (not the biblical saviour )- by the image of a man hanging as saviour from THE CROSS, AS DEFEATING THE REAL SAVIOUR, WHO IS AGAINST THAT MARK, THAT SYMBOL, THAT IMAGE OF SATANIC LUCIFERIAN DOMINATION OF THE WORLD’S PEOPLE.

  9. Can anyone tell me, why Protestant Pastor Paul Begley…. displays a Crucifix on his wall in his office, while showing youtube videos, and some days he takes it down, and puts up a cross… Are you Serious… Whaaaaaat…. something Biblical is goin on here folks. …. Are you Serious? Now he has crucifixes on each side of His Youtube Channel. I cant get him to respond via youtube comments…. Would this classify him to be part of the Roman Catholic Church? Just asking for answers…. Not trying to be critical… just want a simple answer..

    1. The crucifix is a holy symbol that reminds us of Jesus’ sacrifice for the world. It has nothing to do with being Christian or being Catholic. *I come from a family of Irish Catholics & German Jews; however, I am a believer in the savior Jesus Christ (a Christian if you will). A cross without bearing Jesus who died for our sins is just a symbol an idol really. Egyptians used the cross as an idol for symbolizing paganism. Public use of the cross adopted by Christians as a symbol at the time of Constantine. *Deuteronomy 27:15 “Cursed is the man who carves an image or casts an idol.” Revelations 21:8 “Those who make the cross and worship it shall be destroyed.” In the early church it was never used other than a torture device and form of execution for criminals who were on death row. Ephesians 1:7 “Believe in the new covenant that was established by Christ, and be saved by participating in the blood of Christ.” The most important message is the love God has for his children. That he gave his only son for us so that we may live. It isn’t about all these fleshly things that we as humans get caught up in (money, anger, greed, lust, gluttony)…if you think about the root of all of these things and what drives a person’s passion & consumes them…that in turn makes these things too an idol. If you seek anything but the one true God you are chasing after an idol, which does no more good than running to catch the wind. Jeremiah 2:13 “My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns (wells), broken cisterns that cannot hold water. Its saying that whatever drives you or what ever you seek causes you to forsake the lord twice. What is the first thing you turn to when something bad happens? Is it God? Is it Anger which is self pride (an idol), Is it that you have money in the bank and your security is with your bank instead of trusting the lord to provide? God made us in his image to worship and serve Him. The answers you seek are in the Bible, turn to Jesus & God instead of seeking answers else where. God did give us the signs and warn us of his second coming but the reason wasn’t to boast and bash our neighbors, God uses us all in ways we can never imagine or dream of, Just look at the men and women in the Bible. No one was perfect and we all sin, they all even questioned God when they were called on because everything seems so big, but through their faith and trust in him all things have worked for the good of the Lord. One of my favorite stories of the bible is when God asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac and then at the last second God provided a sacrifice a lamb for him. God does test us and our faith…that’s way all these terrible things happen, God isn’t mean or hateful, he is a loving God and he tests our hearts. In the book of Rev, the 9 churches are asked to check their hearts. Jeremiah 17:10 “I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according what their deeds deserve.” You can search the Bible and look other things up if you still have questions. As for a simple answer, sorry that I didn’t give you a simple one; however, Pastor Paul Begley has said in many videos that he changes things around in the background because he received them as a gift or purchased the item during a trip and is just showing the people who sent the gifts that he received them or just felt like changing it up. :) Prayers, positive thoughts & may God bless!

      1. Praise YHWH from beneath the veil of our Lord Yahshua the reigning Lamb of God…and coming KING!
        Well written Ann Begley…thank you for sharing your faith in the blood of our Beloved Lord Yahshua…aka Jesus the Christ. Clearly your kind spirit is fueled by God’s Love:)

        Today is August 25, 2013, and I have stumbled across Mr. Watts article (in a Divine Appointment sort of way:)…heading to Mr. Begley’s site. Of the many responses, the Lord lay my eyes upon yours! Thank You, Father.

        As I noticed the date of Joel’s original article November 7, 2011, I flashed back to several things the LORD God said to me near this same period of time:

        1) July 2011…the LORD God led me to read HAGGAI…the prophet who chastened the people for building up their own houses while ignoring HIS. God tells them TIME to REBUILD MY TEMPLE…get busy & I will be with you, but still I must shake it again…till all that will fall off falls…then like a fine signet ring, I WILL put you on My finger:)

        About the same time, the LORD led our family on a journey to visit a state park. He caused us to bear witness to how HIS HOUSE (a small Christian chapel…sat padlocked for nearly 2 years…unused & unrequested…even though 14,000 visitors had recently visited during a single 3 day national holiday! The LORD caused my hunger to arise…that nothing could satisfy me, but to get inside my Father’s House on the side of the mountain. The LORD honored my hunger…handing over the keys to HIS HOUSE that I could open the doors & use at will for our 3 day stay!!! Inside was a dusty Bible…our Lord led my hand to open it to HAGGAI & read aloud. He led me to go about the park & invite others to come…only one man came. He said something like, “Isn’t it awful the things our government is doing?” To which the Spirit rose up within & responded, “Perhaps, but what is much worse is what WE the BELIEVERS are not doing. We are the ones called to stand up & let the LIGHT shine that others might see. Where are we? How many BELIEVERS have passed by this beautiful little chapel situated at the end of a row of FAST FOOD EATERIES along this mountain side never asking to enter? That is the tragedy. The CHURCH…you & me, we have lost the salt. So now…what. The next service, no one came…except for my husband, grand daughter & me. As I stood outside the door, prepared to deliver The WORD to whomsoever would come, the LORD God prompted, “Don’t just stand here. GO out…& get them”. As He spoke, I looked down & saw a Mexican woman & her family crossing the parking lot, heading to their cars. I went down the steep mountain stairs & called out to the elder of the family, a lady…wearing a simple yet beautiful hand-made wooden cross necklace. It was the CODE that spoke to me, to know she was one of us. It was nearly dark on Sunday evening…and the park was becoming more vacant be the minute. I didn’t process at the minute that the people were probably exhausted & heading home after a long weekend…to get the children fed & bathed & themselves ready to work the next day. I spoke directly to the older woman, looking her straight in the eye…motioning up the hill to the chapel and telling her The Lord told me to go down & get them to come up. As I spoke her family gathered around, & a young girl…probably 9-12 years old…came closest to listen carefully. That is when I realized the old woman & most of her clan couldn’t speak English, for the young girl began interpreting…& pointing up the steep mountain climb to the little white chapel with the simple steeple. The elder…looked up…then into my eyes & nodded affirmatively. Every member of her family honored her by following us up the mountain. Her grown daughters came close & took her by the arms on either side to help her up the mountain. Their husbands & children came also. No one gave strange looks, but fell quickly & quietly in line. No one questioned her authority. No one was rushed. After we all reached the chapel, everyone filed in & filled the pews…one beautiful GOD fearing people…one beautiful GOD honoring clan. I went forward & the Holy Spirit took over…first asking the young girl to come forward & repeat in her native language what ever was spoken. It was holy & amazing. Tears streamed from their eyes. Our mutual joy in the Lord was real. At the end, the Spirit asked the elder woman to come up & pray for our nation in her native tongue. She was humble & shy, but she revered the Spirit of the LORD. She said the most beautiful sounding prayer & the child interpreted for me this time. And this time, I cried.

        On that day, the LORD GOD shown Himself…brought Glory to His Kingdom. He shown how we in America have walked away from Him…& talk badly about people in our nation who we don’t think belong, because they speak other languages & may not be citizens. But GOD shown that He loves all people…& He uses those who yield to His voice & heart. He raises up whomsoever He will…whomsoever will turn their hearts toward His. Whether it be our recently widowed elders…or a newly born again little daughter who heard His call come down from heaven…or sojourning families willing to put aside their own flesh desire & needs to heed the voice of God…or our blossoming children who’ve been taught to show respect & love the LORD GOD & His Son JESUS our Christ.

        Praise GOD on high from beneath the veil of His Son…Yahshua our Christ!

        2) August 3, 2011 the LORD God faced me to the East & threw my hand up in a HALT!! motion towards our U.S. Whitehouse! proclaiming like a roaring lion, “THIS IS MY HOUSE!! THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!!

        20 days later, August 23, 2011 the LORD God struck our U.S. East coast with the worst earthquake to strike the area in 67 years! He struck & damaged many of our national idols…Whitehouse, Capitol, Pentagon, Washington Monument, Regan Airport, & even the National Cathedral…breaking its central tower & 3 of its 4 cornerstones!!…because there is only ONE cornerstone & the builders rejected it.

        There is so much more, but I must yield here & move on…

        Much love & many blessings to all in Jesus name…our beloved Lord,
        cj “Little Hawk” Randolph

        1. Blessings one more time…cj again

          Realized I left out a few key ingredients to the 2011 portion of this holy Amazing Grace walk up the mountain beneath the veil of our Lord Yahshua the Son He gave.

          October 7, 2011 While participating in a benefit concert on the Sabbath at a traditional Christian church, the angel Gabrielle appeared between me & the lady singing at the time. As she finished her song, the Spirit of the LORD rose up & I spoke to the lady & the people & proclaimed having seen an angel appear…and that God allowed me to know it was “Gabrielle”. The performer began to cry & didn’t know if she could go on. I felt sadness for having jumped up & spoken & caused her distress…until I realized why she responded in such a way, for the next song she sang was about “GABRIELLE”!! Praise God:)

          October 8, 2011, the very next morning while sitting at home drinking coffee with my husband & discussing the events of the former day, the LORD spoke to me, “We’re entering the season of fire & tribulation; walk with me.”

          December 12, 2011, our Beloved Lord filled my mind with two instructions, ‘To know EXACTLY how long My earth walk ministry.’ ‘To know WHAT ELSE is 3 1/2.’ And He spoke directly into my ears, “Tell them I AM calling. Tell them to seek Me. Tell them to come out of her.”

          February 10, 2012 the Lord again filled my mind with two instructions, ‘To know what year the Temple fell’ (70 AD) and ‘To treat this as if a JUBLILEE; focus on forgiveness’

          Blessings again to one & all,
          “We prepare the way, we prepare the way, we prepare the way, for the coming KING”

        2. Something to add to August3, 2011…the LORD God had me face our U.S. Whitehouse first to deliver His Warning, “THIS IS MY HOUSE!! THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!!” But He did not stop with warning the USA, for after facing the U.S. Whitehouse, the LORD God turned me a quarter turn at a time, proclaiming the same message to the four corners of the earth…to every nation.

          And there is something else while we’re discussing GOD’s Warnings. It is the WORD He gave for these United States May 28, 2006…the day He opened the East sky to reveal a large diagram of the United States of America as a map without divisions by state…simply one united whole. He shown me two STORMS come upon us from the East. The 2nd STORM pressed in around Washington DC…taking even the life from beneath the soil!!

          Ultimately the 2 storms formed a pregnant woman laying upon her back E to W along our southern border. Her head lay upon California…she faced North, screaming in terror & pain…she was giving birth to evil. Her ripe belly womb completely filled the heartland of our nation…the life within stretched & tore at her…anxious to be born upon us…anxious to destroy us. As I watched in fear, the LORD God spoke a message for our country 3 times into my right ear, “You will scream like a woman giving birth, but I will be there. You will scream like a woman giving birth, but I will be there. You will scream like a woman giving birth, but I will be there.” Followed instantly by, “From out of your pain, you will be born of new life. From out of your pain, you will be born of new life. From out of your pain, you will be born of new life.”

          Please repent America. Please stand up & walk out your faith…like our Beloved Lord has called us to do.
          May 2010 “Arise & come out of captivity for this is the brand new day which the LORD hath made.”
          Sept 2012 “Stand Up, Stand Up, Stand Up. Where is My Body? I AM your head. Take Me to the street.”
          Sept 2012 “COME all My People, come, every tongue, every tribe, every nation.”

          Please wake up America…stand up & walk with the Lord.
          The LORD God can veil any one He chooses from harm, but in the end…only those bathed in the blood of the LAMB…revering Him as Lord & doing what He says…are truly safe for all eternity.

          “1st you will teach them about Me. 2nd, you will return their happy spirit; teach them to sing, dance & praise. 3rd, you will teach every thing else.”

          Blessings…time to prepare the way for the coming KING,…& keep watch…hour-by-hour.
          cj “Little Hawk” Randolph

      2. JUN 01 2013 AT 1:17 PM
        The crucifix is a holy symbol that reminds us of Jesus’ sacrifice for the world. It has nothing to do with being Christian or being Catholic. *I come from a family of Irish Catholics & German Jews; however, I am a believer in the savior Jesus Christ (a Christian if you will). A cross without bearing Jesus who died for our sins is just a symbol an idol really. Egyptians used the cross as an idol for symbolizing paganism. Public use of the cross adopted by Christians as a symbol at the time of Constantine. *Deuteronomy 27:15 “Cursed is the man who carves an image or casts an idol.” Revelations 21:8 “Those who make the cross and worship it shall be destroyed.” In the early church it was never used other than a torture device and form of execution for criminals who were on death row.

        Ann Begley, Why do you know so much about the facts, and will still say ‘The Crucifix is a holy symbol that reminds us of Jesus”? ? ? ? You blow my mind, with this hypocrisy. How can you do it?

        You make yourself look like the total hypocrite in that paragraph… why do you do this to yourself, and to your actual, Biblical Creators?

        The Cross is called a Mark in the Catholic Church. You know the Catholic Church is of Solar (Satanic) Religion, Solar God worship, and that the trinity thereof is Satanic. What makes you think anything is better if you put a man dying on it? That hurts even more, that you would use that horrible image of your supposed saviour’s murder up – it’s like you are saying, ‘The symbol of Satan, this CROSS, understood worldwide as the symbol of satan, along with other Satanic symbols of worship of the Solar Deity (The Cross, The TRee of Life, the Circle, The Circle with a Cross in it, The circle with a dot in it, the triangle, the all-seeing eye alone or within a circle or triangle, the obelisk, the serpent, the thunder/lightning bolt, the fish, the bull, the horns, the bird, the star, (pentagram, hexagram, 7-pointed, 8-pointed, 16 pointed, 32 pointed, etc, fire or flame, dragon, …) has dominated and won over the Biblical saviour, and you are celebrating that domination by Satan via the cross. This is very very deeply satanic of you to go along with this.

        It is Satan’s son, Lucifer, Horus, etc. saying,”See? Cross of my Father, Ha Satan; see? I am on it, representing the love he has for you, and my sacrifice for you; see? post it on your walls, and on the Church steeples; put it all over your land, on your necks in jewelry, for identification as one of the deceived ones; this Cross, and my Father’s trump card, me, languishing on it, tells the world and tells IAUe your Creator you say you love so much, that I – I, the instead-of Messiah, – I, the son of Satan, Lucifer, am the one you really worship”

        The proof is that along with this lie, and this disobedient rebellion against IAUE (Yahueh) and His Son, Yahushua, the Real, Hebrew Messiah of the Bible, carrrying his Father’s name, speaking his Father’s words, doing his Father’s will – not his own – of carrying the image of the Adversary in defiance of Yah’s commandments – and the Mark of The Beast – (Satan’s hybrid son, from Cain all the way down history – with all the Solar Deity manifestations of this Cross-bearer, the many incarnations of the Devil, Light-bearer and saviour of the world’s people) you celebrate this being’s birth at the Winter Solstice, the Day of the Invincible Sun God’s Baby Saviour’s BIRTHDAY! or soon thereafter, like December 25, after December 24, ‘Mother Night’ …in again, total defiance AGAINST THE TRUTH REVEALED TO US IN THE SCRIPTURES.

        You obviously do not believe in the Bible you carry, Ann. Why is that? Who did that to you? Your preachers, or your family, by trauma and brainwashing and intimidation so sever that you split and you are now demonically possessed unable to even think rationally and read clearly these things are categorically condemned and forbidden in the Bible by IAUE????

  10. Why does Paul have crucifix on his wall when showing videos on youtube? Then its removed and a cross is showing..back in forth….

    1. I’ll give you that. He is trying to keep us informed… but he is misinformed about the more vital precepts, the crucial principles of the Bible, and that is not serving us well at all.

      If the people follow a blind leader, they will both fall into the pit.

    1. The fact that he has much news is not an indication that he has the whole truth though. The Vatican itself gives the people much news.

      They have none of the truth however, nor do they have respect for you or the truth itself, and they LIE to all PEOPLE.

      1. I am not saying that I think Pastor Begley is lying to you purposely; I do not know, and I suspect that he is indeed deceived as to what he is telling you and who he is actually worshipping. We will see, in his response to the truth, and the facts which I bring up and others here bring up. How a man responds to facts is very telling. If he says something dismissive, it indicates that he is NOT INTERESTED IN THE TRUTH. If he says, ‘Well, let me research that… and I’ll get back to you after I spend some time studying and thinking about these new things you tell us… ” that is an indication that the man is truly interested IN THE TRUTH ITSELF, THE LIES HE HAS BEEN THUS FAR TAUGHT AND TEACHING NOTWITHSTANDING.

        We are all in darkness and we must all come out… that is the command.

        But there are those like the folks at the Vatican who DO KNOW THAT THEY ARE LYING TO THE PEOPLE, AS THEY ARE SATANISTS, AND SATANISTS CAN USUALLY BE COUNTED ON TO LOVE LIES. so they ‘DISS’ THE TRUTH, or at least dismiss it glibly from the table.

  11. The Crucifix is the identification of the God and the Saviour that he is involved in worshipping; the Solar Deity, not the Biblical Father and Son.

    Solar Deity worship always had a cross as it’s main symbol, its main mark, and the crucifix is even more defiant, in-your-face-rejection of the Real Messiah of the Biblical truth.

    It is the worship symbol of the Satanic Saviour-figure: Lucifer, Horus, ( many other names). In the Bible it (he) was called Tammuz. Forbiddeen, right? Condemned, right? Even though the women loved him so much they wept for his ‘atoning’ death for them, and rejoiced at the prospect of his resurrection which was taught in their Luciferian religion of Baal “The Lord” which IAUE hates so much?

    It is called Abominations IN THE BIBLE.

  12. http://www.karaite-korner.org/


    What they believe… unlike the ‘regular’ Talmudic, Traditional Judaism, which is not biblical:

    http://www.karaite-korner.org/history.shtml (the history of this Biblical sect of believers… The Truthful Jews… although they do not yet accept their own messiah, they will, if we pray to IAUE for them… this is commanded for us to do, anyway.) What better time than now?

    ‘Ye will not see me henceforth until ye say, ‘Blessed is he who cometh in the Name of IAUE”!

    and referring to the world’s people, including the Jews, his brethren:
    “I come in My Father’s name and ye reject me; IF ANOTHER come in his OWN NAME, HIM ye WILL ACCEPT!”

    Many Jews have been converted thru Jews for Jesus to accept a Solar Deity Saviour figure, the one (like Tammuz) who is born always at or soon after the winter solstice, and conceived at Ishtar’s fertility rites, whom their ancestors’ apostacy for angered IAUE – and they are no better off than they were in the first place. Keeping the commandments of Christian men is no better than keeping the commandments of Jewish Rabbis, they are all the destructive commandments of men and the doctrines of devils.

    We need to pray to IAUE of the Bible – NOT GOD – NOT LORD, NOT ANY ONE ELSE – THAN TO IAUE IN THAT ONE AND ONLY NAME HE GAVE TO US TO KNOW AND USE IN HIS WORSHIP – in spirit and in truth – as He has commanded all people to do.

    By the way today is the sabbath, and it ends tonight at sundown, the 7th day of rest of IAUE’s institution for all people for ever to keep holy.

    And Tonight at sundown at Sabbath’s end, is the start of the 8-days-long happy and joyous feast of Tabernacles commanded to us all to observe, to keep, in honour of IAUE and His sent Messiah, Yahushua. It begins tonight at sundown, and the first day is all day tomorrow, tomorrow at sundown ending the first day of this happy time commemorating the future reign in righteousness by Yahueh’s King, Strong Right Arm, over the New Kingdom of Yahueh, forever.

    There is more information about that on the Karaite Korner’s calendar. Please note that the days listed as Holy Days on September’s calendar, for instance, begin the day before, at evening, twilight, when the sun goes down. So when it says that Sept 22 is the first day of Sukkot, (Feast of Tabernacles) they mean it starts tonight, Sept 21 at sundown.

    The first day is always a day of no labour no business dealings, no work. The days leading up to the Last Great Day are workable, but – the last, the 8th day, is another consecrated holy day like the Sabbath in which there is not any work done, only pleasure and the thoughts and ways of IAUE are participated in! It is a very happy pleasant joyful time. It is way better than Cristmas or Thanksgiving or anything else people following the way of Satan follow….

    Satan shows himself as an angel of light to you, to us, to the world… no wonder, because if he showed himself in his real, truthful destructive, hateful murderous theiving brutal character, who but Satanists or Muslims would ever even look twice at him????

    Nobody has all the truth, but these people, the Karaite Jews, are alt least making a genuine effort in trying….

    much more than Christians are doing so far. We need to change that.. because IAUE is going to end time at one point only He knows.

  13. If Paul Begley is just trying to save people why don’t he spend as much energy trying to teach people what is the most important and that is your personal relationship with God and to love like others like Jesus did while here on earth. It doesn’t matter about prophecy and when the end of time is. What matters is are you right with God and doing his will.

  14. this man has no knowledge of bible.he is a talker just likes to talk,he should realise if he has any knowledge of the scripture.thet the bible he quotes,is not the word of God.it is the word of men,many many men wrote this book which the pastor quotes.and above all jesus christ was sent to the children of israel.he never preached to the americans or the british or to the chinese.he was sent to the children of osrael only.and they never worshipped him as god.and he never claimed to be a god or a son of god.if pastor can prove to me from any version of the bible where jesus christ says i am god or where he says worship me.i will become a christian.i know in 1000 years he cannot

  15. Boy there are alot of you who are commenting about Pastor Bagley nothing but negative and quick to judging, saying he’s out to deceive many. He speak scripture correctly not incorrectly, hes never ask for money thats a croak. And then there are some that are into Islam religion saying Jesus is not God! Knowing he is God! I think your all misinformed.and very judgmental the very thing Jesus said not to be.

  16. Both sides of this discussion have points that seem to reign true with mr.begley . I would say paul could fact check his worlds end news reports a little more . But he is of honest intent in his faith. I see a very tall mountain that paul will have to climb in order to find redemption.GOD bless his soul ..

  17. All I can say, is that we are SUPPOSED to be spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. THAT’S IT!! We have no been commanded by ANY scripture to evaluate, discern, or warn about end times. BOTTOM LINE…….and ANY pastor who steps out into anything OTHER than simply sharing the Gospel, is no pastor in my eyes. We don’t lead people to the cross by way of “scare tactics”, or “confirming” that what scriptures have ALREADY told us is true. OUR JOB, AS CHRISTIANS, IS TO LEAD OTHERS TO THE FOOT OF THE CROSS, not SCARE them into believing what our scriptures say to be true.

    1. I think you you have strayed from your cross . Let me guide you home . Luke 6:37, john 7:24 , james 4:12, romans 2:1-3, ephesians 4:29 , mathew 7:1-2, don’t forget james 1:26 . I’m sure passing judgement isn’t that big of a deal but its mentioned a few time what kind of a christian would I be if i didnt say something .

  18. Begley in my mind is a crooked and false teacher. He’s made videos prophesying about things that will happen. When they don’t, he deletes the video. If you try to correct him with Scripture, he will either ignore you or block you. His You Tube videos comes across like a sideshow. He will turn anything into a prophecy. Example. He said San Francisco could see a major earthquake any day. I grew up in California. The potential for a major earthquake is nothing new to that area. I’m not saying he is a bad person- just wrong.

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