Painting depicts Jesus Christ holding the United States constitution

One Nation Under God, a painting by a Christian artist that depicts Jesus Christ holding the United States constitution while an evolutionary academic, Hollywood actor and “liberal news reporter” huddle at his feet, is generating mirth and praise online.

Jon McNaughton, the Utah-based artist behind the piece, says that the idea came to him in a vision during last year’s US elections. The impressively detailed oil painting divides the American people in two, with God-fearing “ordinary folk” on Christ’s right, and figures representing the secular values that McNaughton believes are undermining the country on his left.

The artist says that the painting is intended to highlight the Christian roots of the US constitution. Around Christ are arranged some of the Founding Fathers and other American patriots including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S Grant, the civil war general.

But McNaughton’s goal may be partially undermined by his inclusion of Thomas Paine, the religion-hating political pamphleteer, and Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the US and the man who drafted the nation’s constitution. Jefferson argued passionately for the division of church and state and attacked religious superstition, leading some historians to conclude that his views approached atheism.

One Nation Under God painting:

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40 thoughts on “Painting depicts Jesus Christ holding the United States constitution

  1. If I’m not mistaken, McNaughton is actually a Mormon. That would explain a lot.

    Thomas Paine, of course, hated religion in all of its forms. Thomas Jefferson was such a devout Bible-believer that he blacked out the parts of his Bible that he thought weren’t useful.

    Actually, I guess that means that he could be part of the Conservative Bible Project, doesn’t it?

    1. Ha! Yeah, I think that the artist is a Mormon – and they hold to a particular peculiar view of the Founding Fathers and the United States, which seems to be spreading to the Evangelicals.

      One of the things that should be the order of the day is to seek to understand people in their context. When the Founders spoke of religion and God, there is a difference between us and them. And further, if they did mean it exactly the same that we do, it in no way means that things do not change.

      1. It’s okay, Joel. It’s what I do. I sure do wish there was a mentioning or tribute to Native Americans in that painting but I guess they are not full citizens yet.

        1. Geez, Rob, just pile it on. Granted, I’m not used to this, but I feel like what little bit I get still was not enough. Yes, it does make my blood boil.

    1. There are at least 2 colored people in the painting, iif you were to open your eyes. A black college student, and a black sodier, who was originally going to be MLK, but the King family refused to allow his image depicted. Ironicly, there ar no colored people on the non believer half of the painting. Funny how some folks only see what they want to see, or not see.

      1. Joe,

        First, there is so much wrong in the painting and in separating Americans into believers (which in this case would be Mormons) and non-believers (you know, Christians, and everyone else). Secondly, using a soldier to represent Dr. King is heinous, especially since so many African-Americans were killed in ‘Nam because they could not go to college, etc…

  2. And the black man that represents the soldier is supposed to be a tribute to the late Reverend Dr. KIng Jr? Does that man know that King was a pacifist? or has the artist not bothered to read anything that Dr. King wrote?

  3. Rod, I’m pretty sure that the artist never read much written by Thomas Paine, Dr King, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, or about Jesus, for that matter …

  4. Oh, dear … I read the “Interview” with the artist on the web site.

    He lists “The Five0Thousand Year Leap” as one of the most important books ever written. That’s written by a paranoid loon … and Glenn Beck’s favorite book.

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  6. Whether the painter was mormon or christian, or atheist or buddhist is not relevant, the facts are what matters,… this is like putting to the Hubble Space Telescope the sigils of Nostradamus and a spread of Claudius Ptolemys Astrology… what a bunch of illiterate morons….

  7. Why would Jesus uphold a democratic secular document? Basic conservative christian political thought establishes that the human being is sinful devoid of morality. Henceforth he needs god to be restored, this is done by adhering to god’s supposed law and comandments. The problem with this mode of thinking is god is not around to execute his authority. This is where are fellow humuns fill that void, usually by a monarch, religous tyrant, or a small group of economic elites. The founding fathers understood this thats why they created a secular democracy that supports religous freedom along with a strong separation of church and state. The great success of the American experiment causes problems for the christian conservative. How could a group of sinful and fallen humans come together and create a political system that is the envy of the world without god? The triumph of a secular democracy challenges the basic foundation of conservative christian political thought. How do they solve this contradiction? Easy, they simply put Jesus as the author of the constitution, not man. God was behind the whole enterprise. Christians deep down know the wretched history of christia

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