In several of the Methodist pages in the wonderful world of social media, Judge not is often a hot topic. In an effort to give us all something to think […]

Keel sees Song 1.2–3 pulling from a Ugaritic myth, one of Shachar and Shalim, where the god El bends over two women: He stooped (and) kissed their lips; behold! their […]

There is a deep aversion to reading the Songs as “secular,” as if carnality — sexual and physical love is somehow not of the sacred community… For you must not, […]

The first part of this commentary may be found here and the story from Gather at the River it is about may be found here. “In our baptismal vows, the second […]

not at this river, Part the third

This is a continuation of the stories I read from Gather at the River. The first two parts can be found here and here. Today’s story will come from the reflections […]

Dr David Watson wants to take #UMC money

As you know, conspiracy nuts have attempted to prove that Dr. David Watson is in a vast conspiracy to realign UM monies to benefit personal projects. We have caught him […]

We have a difficult time in reading Song of Solomon. We can easily gloss over Ruth and Esther and they way they got their positions, but Songs is a different […]


Martyr. noun. 1.a person who willingly suffers death rather than renounce his or her religion. This is what we as Christians have long understood the definition of martyr to be. […]