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I will be on on the Wednesday broadcast:

Wednesday, March 25 – Unity in our Faith – Joel Watts (author, From Fear to Faith), Elgin Hushbeck & Henry Neufeld

What’s my angle? Well, I guess you have to tune in to find out, but it goes beyond John 17… oh yes… it goes beyond John 17 and into the realm of the apocalyptic…

in the (e)mail from @logos – The John Wesley Collection

I’m digital, baby – John Wesley

As many of us get ready for our Annual Conferences and then the General Conference, it would behoove us to go back and reread, relearn, or even learn the first time Wesley’s thoughts, theology, and heart. Granted, only his sermons and notes on Scripture are part of the Doctrinal Standards of the United Methodist Church, but I think the entire Wesleyan Corpus should help us grow as Christians and Wesleyans, even if they are not Standard.

So, that’s why I am beyond thankful Logos has sent me the collection of Wesley’s works (this goes beyond his sermons and letters, but into his works (letters) and journals:

The John Wesley Collection (29 vols.) contains all of his theological works, including the four-volume Explanatory Notes upon the Old and New Testaments, plus his journals, essays, letters, sermons, grammars, psalms, hymns, and addresses. Those familiar with the Thomas Jackson edition of The Works of John Wesley are aware they include some of his journals, but these are incomplete and missing large chunks of important entries—sometimes entire years are missing! The Logos edition of the John Wesley Collection (29 vols.) contains the unabridged and authoritative eight-volume journals edited by Nehemiah Curnock. Also included in this massive collection is a three-volume, in-depth biography on this extraordinary man of faith.

I cannot wait to dig into these works!

out with (your horrible misunderstanding of) Outler

Statue of John Wesley at Wesley's Chapel City ...
Statue of John Wesley at Wesley’s Chapel City Road, London. (January 2006) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Albert C. Outler’s papers are now archived at Perkins. There is a new story on this, and on Outler, that is filled with historical inaccuracies. They note,

He taught at Duke Divinity School, Yale Divinity School and finally at Perkins. He edited a collection of John Wesley’s sermons and formulated the Wesleyan Quadrilateral, which holds that Christians should bring to bear Scripture, tradition, reason and experience as they live their faith.

Exactly how true to John Wesley’s theology the Quadrilateral is remains a matter of debate. But it’s part of the United Methodist Book of Discipline, part of the education of United Methodist clergy and a big part of Outler’s legacy.

Read this and this one, as well as mine, on the Quad. See this post by Dr. David Watson as well.

There are more than a few problems with that statement.

  1. The Quad actually gives three ways to interpret Scripture. You have Tradition, Reason, and Experience. (Experience has its own problems with being properly understood.) It is not a square, but a stool. Scripture is supported and understood by three legs.
  2. The Quad is not about “as they live their faith” but about how to understand Scripture and formulate doctrine and ethics. This may be semantics, but there is a difference that needs to be understood.
  3. I think the Quad, properly understood, does well with Wesley’s method-ology.
  4. Outler’s Quad is not what is in the the Book of Discipline, but something that has been added to since the beginning of the UMC. Maybe it once was, but now it is a camel (a horse designed by committee).

I cannot believe those statements appear on the UMC website, showing the amount of intellectual degradation when it comes to understanding, or even attempting to understand Outler’s framework.

@AccordanceBible’s iOS mobile app, 2.0

To note:

The long-awaited version 2.0 of Accordance Mobile is now live in the iTunes App Store. If you own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, be certain to check for updates and download the latest version to all your iOS devices. Accordance Mobile has been completely updated for iOS 8 as well as taking advantage of larger screen sizes on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

You can read my reviews of Accordance, here.

The new features are:

  • Enhanced Text Selection
  • Social sharing (finally)
  • Display enhancements
  • You can now link and unlink the parallel panes so that you can use the second pane to read a second module or not.
  • The help system has been updated and modified so that it is helpful.
    • Log in verification at setup.
    • New highlights and symbol options.
    • Audio playback bar in relevant modules.
    • Download All option in Easy Install.
    • Search added to Easy Install.
    • Define words with the iOS system dictionary.
    • Enhancements to Night Display

To be honest, the mobile app wasn’t a stand out. Now, they are on their way to competing with the other software apps out there.

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