1. Thank you, Polycarp. This has indeed been an interesting conversation.

    Muslims would of course be appalled at your comparison of Isa to a golden calf. First, for them, unlike us, it is wrong to worship Jesus/Isa. And second, they have an even greater horror of idolatry than Christians have. But you do have a valid point here.

    For the sake of accuracy, I would remind you that I corrected the post of mine from which you quote. The part you quoted now reads:

    The claim in the second paragraph quoted above is not true. I checked with a Palestinian Arab Christian, from a Roman Catholic background stretching back centuries. He confirmed my understanding (see also this comment) that “Yasu” is the form of the name of Jesus which has been used by Arab Christians, or at least the great majority of them, since time immemorial. There may be some non-traditional Arab Christians who use “Yesua” but this form is never used in mainstream churches or Bible translations. “Isa” is also used by Christians in many, but not all, Muslim majority countries. This is what Rick Warren probably knows, and is the basis for what he explains in this YouTube video (sorry for the poor quality) apparently taken from a sermon yesterday.


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