1. Sue

    What a grotesque image—pure anadulterated applied sado-masochism!

    And yet you celebrate this is and integral part of your “good news”!

    1. Polycarp

      That’s right, Sue. How do you think sin looks?

      You know, rape, murder, child molestation, poverty, greed, abuse of the many varieties – the Good News is that we can be free of that.

  2. Rev Tony Buglass

    You cite the tune as ‘Herzlich tut mich’ – do you mean that is the tune in the Lutheran hymn book? The tune he is singing here is a version of Passion Chorale, by H L Hassler, and the version we usually sing is the arrangement by J S Bach, as set in his St Matthew Passion. Wonderful music – we sang it this morning, and we’ll be singing it again this evening.


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