1. Deb

    When I lived in TN. All they ever did was to “Play” civil war over and over.. and what is funny most of the ones that are reliving this stuff over and over,were never in it,wasn’t even alive …I don’t get it,, all the slavery,the killing,I don’t think I would want to remember and study on that the rest of my life…Time to move on and learn from that and want peace and fellowship,NOT WAR! I have grown up knowing racism and hatred ,but I saw the light,some will never…

  2. Graymalkin

    Is a wrong done to a people lessened by the passage of time?
    We tell Southerners who know their ancestors cause was just to “get over it.” So what if Lincoln wiped his arse upon the Constitution and condoned the war crimes his generals committed against a people who only sought to be free of tyranny. Lincoln “saved the Union”! Nevermind that those who legally seceded were not forced back into the Union they had voluntarily joined, but a dictatorship. “Get over it!”
    We’ve had 144 years of the victor’s version of history rammed down our throats. An Odin-like statue of the Great Lincoln stands in Washington to remind the world what a “great president” he was. Get over it!

    The Native American should “get over” the federal atrocities against their people.
    Blacks should “get over” slavery existing in this land from 1619, creating vast fortunes for whites North and South, as well as massive revenue for the US government. What’s this reparation stuff? Get over it!
    We should “get over” the Inquisition; terrorism conducted by the Holy Church.
    If the Founding Fathers had lost their war for independence and found themselves hung as traitors, no doubt British educators would today be telling the descendents of those patriots: “You lost! Get over it!”

    It has been said that if the South had won, it would have told the world that the great democratic experiment was a failure. This is absurd, as quite the opposite is true. When the South recognized that the federal government had increasingly made a mockery of the visions of the Founding Fathers and sought to peacefully secede from the Union and establish her independence, she was invaded, starved, burned, terrorized, and forced back into a “union” that ceased to exist the moment Lincoln called for the invasion!
    And what, exactly, did the North “win”? Take a good, hard look around. Measure by measure, the government has grown to omnipotence, and the People have lost control over the government. We now are in the era of absolute despotism and political corruption. Socialism is grinding capitalism under its heal, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are being quickly chipped away, and the liberal extremists are in control. Partial birth abortion, gay marriage, the very mention of Christ is an offense, and a collapsing economy.
    Never before has the country been so divided, and “Obama the Unifier” is the catalyst for the division. The Global Village Idiots have won.

    Now, get over it.

  3. Glen

    Polycarp, why don’t you rebuke Ed Sebesta for his unrepentent homosexuality?

  4. Glen

    Polycarp, Joel, or whatever you call yourself, are you not concerned with Ed Sebesta’s sinful homosexuality? You preach to me and others, but your comments to Mr.Sebesta are quite chummy. I know this world is not our home, but look heavenward, Jesus has not yet returned, so this old world is home for now. Just curious as to how you can qualify preaching to me, Thomas Guinn, and the Southern Independence movement, but have a pal-like commentary with Ed Sebesta. Or perhaps you are one of those leaders within the church who will preach Romans 13 to the congregation when the Yankee goons come for our guns and herd us into detention camps. Yet again, maybe you will be perfectly content to play putt-putt golf under cheap flourescent lighting at a nearby Halliburton Detention Center. No secession in the pages of the Holy Bible?!?! Oh, I guess you have not gotten to scripture where Judah and the Levites left the 10 NORTHERN tribes of Israel! And God did not condemn it. Oh yea,about Mr. Sebesta again. Have you taken opportunity to witness to him? Or are you on a campaign to rehabilate those of us in the Southern Independence movement? You don’t need to worry about myself, Thomas Guinn, Dr. Michael Hill, Rev. David Jones, Pastor John Weaver, or the many, many others who claim Christ alone for salvation, who also happen to be in the movement. Unless Jesus comes soon, we will see the breakup of the USSA, and you will be welcome to live in a restored Confederacy until Christ does return for His church. Have you considered to witness to Ed Sebesta yet? Or will you continue to call Thomas Guinn a false prophet? God gave us the sign for knowing whether a prophecy is from Him. Perhaps you do not know that EVERYONE of the prophecies in the Prophetic Countdown has come to pass thus far. If you were truly caught up in the movement before, you will come home to it again. Or unless you are influenced by unrepentent mulatto homosexuals like Ed Sebesta. And you even call him EDWARD, how nice! Lord forgive me if I went too far in this commentary, but I get defensive when people mock your Gentile people.
    God save the South,
    glen w.


    1. Glen, you seem pretty focused on homosexuality. Are you hiding something?

      ‘Pal-like commentary’? Really? I wasn’t aware I even new Ed.

      I qualify because I was a former member of the SI movement, namely involved heavily in the Southern Party. And no, I will not preach Romans 13 in such a manner, although I doubt that ‘Yankee goons’ will be marching across the border anytime soon, that anyone will ‘take our guns’ and ‘herd us into detention camps.’ More than likely, those helicopters which you are seeing are news helicopters, so you know, don’t shoot them. Oh, and the children of God are told to test prophets. Guinn has been tested, tried, and found wanting.

      You assume, ignorantly, too much in my view of Halliburton, although I suspect that most of your ‘facts’ are nothing more than assumptions.

      I am unsure where you are quoting the ‘no secession in the Holy Bible’ bit (which I assume you mean the KJV-1611), but secession happened, but was it sanctioned by God? Further, considering that we are living in a different theonomic system, one should note that the rules have changed a bit.

      Witness to Ed about what?

      Yeah, I know Hill…. he is, personally, one of the biggest downfalls of the League of the South and the then-growing movement.

      The Confederacy will not be restored, because it was a failed system of Government. http://thechurchofjesuschrist.us/tag/confederate-states-of-america/

      Guinn is a false prophet, and you have bad paragraph structure. Bad, just bad.

      None of the ‘prophecies’ in the ‘prophecy countdown’ has happened so far.

      Psst…. your racism is showing, and it is not the South which needs saving.

  5. Glen

    Polycarp, or Joel, can you tell me who you really are? I would like to ask Dr. Michael Hill and Rev. David Jones if they know you. Surely if you were involved with the SP for a long time, they would know you. No harm intended, just want to know whether they know you or not.

  6. Glen

    Never mind my earlier request. I saw your name “Joel L.Watts” on your About Page. Interesting blog, I just might have to read a bit.


  7. Deb, I agree with you. Why hearken back to that time when we live in the here and now, and we have more work to do for the Kingdom of God than the Confederacy?


  8. Paul said that he had learned to be content in whatever State he was in. If he didn’t rebel against pagan Rome, then perhaps we should set our eyes to heaven.


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