No, seriously, the South will Rise again – It’s God’s will, says soothsayer

I am sorry, but at some point you have to bury the saber. I know some of the people on the below site, and they are as serious about this as Kim Clement is about his hair. I thought about posting it under humor, but it is just too stupid to do so. Seriously, though, these people are serious:

The Prophetic Countdown The Fall of the United States! 7 January 2009 By Thomas Guinn Confederate Legion

In presenting The Prophetic Countdown, it should be made known, that few if any participants in the modern Confederate Cause are anti-United States, we are simply pro-Confederacy. In the context of this article I am the deliveryman, passing along important prophetic utterances! Nevertheless the Confederate position was best stated by the late President Jefferson Davis, wherein he stated on 29 April 1861; “We feel that our cause is just and holy; we protest solemnly in the face of mankind that we desire peace at any sacrifice save that of honor and independence; we ask no conquest, no aggrandizement, no concession of any kind from the States with which we were lately confederated; all we ask is to be let alone; that those who never held power over us shall not now attempt our subjugation by arms.” We maintain that it is our unalienable right to decide for ourselves, what manner of society, government and nation shall be ours. Our forefathers who established the Confederate States of America, made such a choice, therefore the use of arms to overthrow and subjugate our nation, changes nothing but its status, to that of occupation. This having been said, you are herein presented with what can only be described as amazing, the prophecies of the coming fall of the United States of America.

The year was 1976 and Gerald Ford was President, and Jimmy Carter would prove victorious in the November 1976 General Elections. Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Election victory was still four years away, and the only reminder of the so called ‘Confederate Lost Cause’ was through ‘Civil War’ reenactments or else the occasional reruns of the movie, Gone with Wind. The coming collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, commonly known as the Soviet Union, was 15 years away. What then was it about this particular year that would make it stand out from all the other years of the 20th century? It was during the year of our Lord 1976, that a series of prophetic utterances were made, which would be destined to alter the course of history. Still, having an awareness of what has been prophesied does not make it any easier!

Those born and raised within the borders of what we presently know of, as the United States, can by and large comprehend life only within that single nation. How could it be that one like unto myself could even contemplate the collapse and fall of such a colossus? It would be a similar situation as having prophesied the fall of the Roman Empire, hundreds of years before it happened. Can it possibly be true, that the gloating by this particular nation, over their ‘Civil War’ victory, could soon be cut short, by the hand of the living God; the Almighty God of their forefathers, whom they themselves have abandoned? Have they sinned to such a degree, that they have some how mocked God and spurned His Grace and Mercy?

Sometimes the critical events of history slips by unnoticed by the general public, inasmuch as those which most affect its outcome, take place outside the mass media spotlights. While the 1970’s faded into history and the Ronald Reagan years of the 1980’s witnessed the final decade of the Soviet Union, behind the scenes, the prophetic seeds were being sown, which would lead to the resurrection of a society and nation, which was, as the movie states, ‘Gone with the Wind.’ The world of the 70’s and 80’s was far removed from the lost cause; the last living ‘Confederate Veteran’, Private Walter Washington Williams, given the honorary title of Colonel, had died on 19 December 1959. The mood among those dwindling few, still clinging to the Confederate Cause, was that if anything it was truly lost; however, it now appears the last chapter of the Confederacy itself, has yet to be written.

Our story begins with the moderate size congregation of the Bethesda Christian Church in Culver City California, whose Pastor is the Reverend Donald Lawrence, a very charismatic (why is it always the charismatics!) Preacher. Somehow this humble Church in Southern California, which had no connection whatsoever with the Confederate Cause or of its history, heritage and culture, has been divinely ordained to play a key roll in its eventual rebirth. Prophecy has from its beginnings, been a legitimate part of the Church, in the Old Testament Book of Joel 2:28-29, it states “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.”

In the New Testament Book of I Corinthians 12:28 it is also made clear, where it states “And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healing, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.” Notice that prophets in the church were deems so important, they were listed second, only after the Apostles themselves. It can be said here and now that these series of prophecies as described herein, have not been added to, subtracted from or altered in any way, but rather passed along in the format of this article, precisely as received. The organizations, individuals and events described herein were not so named and described by this author, but were included within the series of prophecies, as they were received.

However, as to their truthfulness, it should be noted, that every item of these prophesies have come to pass thus far, as predicted, which is a measurement of their accuracy. Present on the day of the original prophesy in 1976, among others was Arleigh Papstein, Phillip Stanley and the Pastor of the Bethesda Christian Church, Donald Lawrence. It was Phillip Stanley who gave the original prophecy, which has proven so astonishing, and who directed his utterances in part, toward Mr. Papstein. The late Dr. Gene Scott, who passed away in 2005, was formerly of the University Cathedral in Los Angeles California! Dr. Scott became aware of the prophesies in 1994 and was known by Mr. Arleigh Papstein! At that time these prophesy were reconfirmed along with further prophetic utterances, which on this occasion was given by Clarence {Clair} Grace. Yolanda Marks, also known by Mr. Papstein, in the early 1990’s Mrs. Marks reminded Arleigh of his past dealing with the Prophet Phillip Stanley.

These would be considered astounding utterances today, let alone in 1976, wherein it was predicted that a Confederate Movement would be launched, and to punctuate these prophesies, they named key founding members of this modern Confederate Cause, which were Mr. James Bitzer, Mr. David Martin, Mr. Randall and Mrs. Gwendolyn {Pinky} Hamilton, Miss Jo Kinder, as well as myself Mr. Thomas Guinn. These as well as other prophetic utterances continued for over a 13-year period of time, often being directed at Mr. Arleigh Papstein himself, who was present and witnessed these events. Among the 1976 prophecies aimed at Mr. Papstein, was that he would one day meet a man by the name of Thomas Guinn (Note, this is the author of the piece), whom he did not know at that time, which occurred just as prophesied, many years later.

Further, Arleigh was informed under these prophesies, that the Confederacy would reemerge at a time when he himself was in his early 50’s; as the year 2009 opened, he was 46 years of age. Mr. Papstein now plays a very active roll in the Confederate Cause, having born witnessed to these prophecies, 16 years before any of the events actually occurred. The discussions over forming a Confederate Movement took place early in 1990, but it was June 1992, before the first modern Confederate Organization was formed. The original series of prophecies named a couple of organizations, which would come into existence, the first being the Confederate Society of America, afterward the Confederate Legion, as well as its alternate and now strategic name, the Gideon Battalion. It was my view after hearing the details of these prophecies, that many other organizations and entities were likely never mention, because they were not considered paramount to the unfolding and fulfillment of those predicted events, which must come to pass.

Additionally, a particular document, titled the ‘Confederate Manifesto’, authored by Mr. Thomas Guinn with the assistance of Mr. Arleigh Papstein, was named approximately 22 years before it had been drafted. There are other documents, which bear this same title, but there is only one original, which is referred to in the prophecies. The naming of the Confederate Society of America, the Confederate Legion as well as the Gideon Battalion, was unknown to the founder of the Confederate Legion, Mr. Thomas Guinn, until after they had been established and given their current names. This original series of prophecies uttered at the Bethesda Christian Church in 1976, were reconfirmed in 1994 and 95 when the original prophet, joined by a certain black woman, expanded upon the original prophetic utterances.

Interestingly enough, neither the Pastor at the time, nor those involved in these series of prophesies over the years, knew any of the individuals, that had been named, which in any case took place many years prior to the launching of the modern Confederate Movement. Additionally, none of those named in the prophecies, had any knowledge of their having been uttered by the original prophetess and prophets. The prophetic utterances nonetheless continued; there would be a 15-year prelude, leading to the collapse of the United States, and the rebirth of the Confederate States of America.

According to these prophetic utterances, the prelude would commence in 1998 and continue for a 15 years period, ending in 2013 where upon the collapse of the ‘Yankee Empire’ {named as such} would begin. The final phase of the transition would commence, beginning with a new Presidential Administration in 2009, which will bear the ultimately responsibility for policies and programs, which will culminate in the final collapse. Just as Abraham Lincoln had knowingly been responsible for the fall of the Confederacy, this 21st century President would unknowingly contribute mightily to its rebirth. At some point as the end of the 15-year prelude approaches, a dynamic, charismatic ‘Confederate Leader’ will appear on the scene; he will not be a member of any of the known Confederate organizations or entities, but will come from obscurity.

In effect this coming leader will not join any of the organizations or entities of the Confederate Cause, rather they will join him, and do so on God’s own terms. His credentials will be extra-ordinary, being called by the Almighty God, for this particular moment and time in history. As a side note, among the individuals involved in this series of prophecies, one of them is said to number among the specially chosen 144,000, mentioned in the Book of Revelations. If this proves to be true, and every item of the prophesy thus far, has came to pass, then nothing upon this earth will alter what is obviously a blueprint drafted within the throne room of Heaven’s Grace, solely for God’s own purpose and glory. A series of events therefore has already been set in motion, and any action taken to prevent or deny their taking place, will simply bring about the fulfillment of these very prophecies.

Nonetheless, this coming ‘Divinely Inspired Leader (False Prophet, perhaps?)’ will consolidate and grow the Confederate Movement, leading them out of their present status of occupation, to that of a free and independent people and nation. This man will be both a spiritual as well as a political leader, and will turn what has been a divided movement into a single force, with which the ‘Yankee Empire’ will be unable to overwhelm or subdue. Given this man’s credentials, as described in the prophecies, any attempts do disable him or take his life, in order to deny the Confederate Cause his leadership, will no doubt back fire. There are a large number of organizations and entities within the modern Confederate Cause, the vast majority of which will fail, as their members quickly turn toward this coming prophesied ‘Confederate Leader’ once he arrives on the scene.

The Confederate Cause having attempted to liberate itself, cannot at this time fully comprehend, that the rebirth of the Confederate States of America, will take place only, through the Divine Grace and Providence of the Almighty God, in Christ Jesus and for His divine purpose. The United States, having been born of faith in Jesus Christ, holding fast to the Holy Scriptures, and since abandoning the God of their forefathers, will face the judgment of that very God, whom they chose to remove from their schools and other public places. In refusing to retain the Almighty God, the Holy Scripture and Prayer, as the foundation of their society and nation, they have brought condemnation upon themselves.
They have thus tempted the wrath of an angry God, in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior, whom they have found to be unsuitable subject matter, for the education of their children. ’Those people’ as General Robert E. Lee liked to call them, wanted a nation without God! Therefore according to these prophecies, their desires will be so honored, and having not only abandoned the Almighty God, but also opposed Him during the good times, how then can they expect His blessing when the storms come? A series of prophecies was uttered 16 years prior to the forging of the first modern Confederate organization in June 1992, and 30 years prior to the launching of the Confederate Legion along with its strategic name sake, the Gideon Battalion, which were named in these prophetic utterances.

These prophecies having been enlarged upon in 1994 and 95, tells us that we now face the scenario as formerly described, which has thus far unfolded precisely as predicted, without the advantage of foreknowledge by anyone involved in the Confederate Cause. Additionally these things have taken place, without anyone involved in the Confederate Movement, being aware of those who had made these prophetic utterances, many years before. It is emphasized, the reasons for an eventual rebirth of the Confederacy will be for none other then God’s own purpose! The United States and the Confederate States are in effect ‘Brother Nations’, but the first brother has abandoned the one true and living God, in favor of perversions and of the false god of Secular Humanism. The Almighty God, according to these prophecies, has simply transferred his birthright to the second brother!

The extreme liberalism on the part of the mass media is common knowledge, and denied only by they themselves as well as their liberal allies, preferring terms such as populist and balanced journalism. The outcome of elections and of the ultimate victor is often dependent upon the biased and imbalanced presentation of their various campaigns. The media manages to promulgate a slant on the news, commentary and entertainment, which is undeniable. Their indoctrination and revisionism extends to advancing political correctness as well as a debased amoral popular culture, which has and will continue to contribute directly toward the collapse of that nation known in prophesy as the ‘Yankee Empire.’ While the prophecies themselves did not mention the mass media, it would be a dereliction not to mention them. I am convinced the very nature of the liberal mass media itself, will become an instrument in the hands of Almighty God, in bringing about the fulfillment of these prophetic utterances.

In finality it appears the words of Confederate President Jefferson Davis will soon come to pass, where he stated “When time shall have softened passion and prejudice, when reason shall have stripped the mask from representation, then justice, holding evenly her scales, will require much of the past censure and praise to change places.” Moreover, once the hand of Almighty God has humbled the victor of that great and terrible war, their liberal domination will pass with them. Those they have lifted up as heroes of that conflict will no longer appear so enlightening, their monuments and false gods will in time, appear as dust upon the earth.

The Prophetic Countdown.

Joel L. Watts
Joel L. Watts holds a Masters of Arts from United Theological Seminary with a focus in literary and rhetorical criticism of the New Testament. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of the Free State, analyzing Paul’s model of atonement in Galatians. He is the author of Mimetic Criticism of the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and Commentary (Wipf and Stock, 2013), a co-editor and contributor to From Fear to Faith: Stories of Hitting Spiritual Walls (Energion, 2013), and Praying in God's Theater, Meditations on the Book of Revelation (Wipf and Stock, 2014).

16 thoughts on “No, seriously, the South will Rise again – It’s God’s will, says soothsayer

  1. When I lived in TN. All they ever did was to “Play” civil war over and over.. and what is funny most of the ones that are reliving this stuff over and over,were never in it,wasn’t even alive …I don’t get it,, all the slavery,the killing,I don’t think I would want to remember and study on that the rest of my life…Time to move on and learn from that and want peace and fellowship,NOT WAR! I have grown up knowing racism and hatred ,but I saw the light,some will never…

  2. Is a wrong done to a people lessened by the passage of time?
    We tell Southerners who know their ancestors cause was just to “get over it.” So what if Lincoln wiped his arse upon the Constitution and condoned the war crimes his generals committed against a people who only sought to be free of tyranny. Lincoln “saved the Union”! Nevermind that those who legally seceded were not forced back into the Union they had voluntarily joined, but a dictatorship. “Get over it!”
    We’ve had 144 years of the victor’s version of history rammed down our throats. An Odin-like statue of the Great Lincoln stands in Washington to remind the world what a “great president” he was. Get over it!

    The Native American should “get over” the federal atrocities against their people.
    Blacks should “get over” slavery existing in this land from 1619, creating vast fortunes for whites North and South, as well as massive revenue for the US government. What’s this reparation stuff? Get over it!
    We should “get over” the Inquisition; terrorism conducted by the Holy Church.
    If the Founding Fathers had lost their war for independence and found themselves hung as traitors, no doubt British educators would today be telling the descendents of those patriots: “You lost! Get over it!”

    It has been said that if the South had won, it would have told the world that the great democratic experiment was a failure. This is absurd, as quite the opposite is true. When the South recognized that the federal government had increasingly made a mockery of the visions of the Founding Fathers and sought to peacefully secede from the Union and establish her independence, she was invaded, starved, burned, terrorized, and forced back into a “union” that ceased to exist the moment Lincoln called for the invasion!
    And what, exactly, did the North “win”? Take a good, hard look around. Measure by measure, the government has grown to omnipotence, and the People have lost control over the government. We now are in the era of absolute despotism and political corruption. Socialism is grinding capitalism under its heal, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are being quickly chipped away, and the liberal extremists are in control. Partial birth abortion, gay marriage, the very mention of Christ is an offense, and a collapsing economy.
    Never before has the country been so divided, and “Obama the Unifier” is the catalyst for the division. The Global Village Idiots have won.

    Now, get over it.

  3. Polycarp, Joel, or whatever you call yourself, are you not concerned with Ed Sebesta’s sinful homosexuality? You preach to me and others, but your comments to Mr.Sebesta are quite chummy. I know this world is not our home, but look heavenward, Jesus has not yet returned, so this old world is home for now. Just curious as to how you can qualify preaching to me, Thomas Guinn, and the Southern Independence movement, but have a pal-like commentary with Ed Sebesta. Or perhaps you are one of those leaders within the church who will preach Romans 13 to the congregation when the Yankee goons come for our guns and herd us into detention camps. Yet again, maybe you will be perfectly content to play putt-putt golf under cheap flourescent lighting at a nearby Halliburton Detention Center. No secession in the pages of the Holy Bible?!?! Oh, I guess you have not gotten to scripture where Judah and the Levites left the 10 NORTHERN tribes of Israel! And God did not condemn it. Oh yea,about Mr. Sebesta again. Have you taken opportunity to witness to him? Or are you on a campaign to rehabilate those of us in the Southern Independence movement? You don’t need to worry about myself, Thomas Guinn, Dr. Michael Hill, Rev. David Jones, Pastor John Weaver, or the many, many others who claim Christ alone for salvation, who also happen to be in the movement. Unless Jesus comes soon, we will see the breakup of the USSA, and you will be welcome to live in a restored Confederacy until Christ does return for His church. Have you considered to witness to Ed Sebesta yet? Or will you continue to call Thomas Guinn a false prophet? God gave us the sign for knowing whether a prophecy is from Him. Perhaps you do not know that EVERYONE of the prophecies in the Prophetic Countdown has come to pass thus far. If you were truly caught up in the movement before, you will come home to it again. Or unless you are influenced by unrepentent mulatto homosexuals like Ed Sebesta. And you even call him EDWARD, how nice! Lord forgive me if I went too far in this commentary, but I get defensive when people mock your Gentile people.
    God save the South,
    glen w.

    1. Glen, you seem pretty focused on homosexuality. Are you hiding something?

      ‘Pal-like commentary’? Really? I wasn’t aware I even new Ed.

      I qualify because I was a former member of the SI movement, namely involved heavily in the Southern Party. And no, I will not preach Romans 13 in such a manner, although I doubt that ‘Yankee goons’ will be marching across the border anytime soon, that anyone will ‘take our guns’ and ‘herd us into detention camps.’ More than likely, those helicopters which you are seeing are news helicopters, so you know, don’t shoot them. Oh, and the children of God are told to test prophets. Guinn has been tested, tried, and found wanting.

      You assume, ignorantly, too much in my view of Halliburton, although I suspect that most of your ‘facts’ are nothing more than assumptions.

      I am unsure where you are quoting the ‘no secession in the Holy Bible’ bit (which I assume you mean the KJV-1611), but secession happened, but was it sanctioned by God? Further, considering that we are living in a different theonomic system, one should note that the rules have changed a bit.

      Witness to Ed about what?

      Yeah, I know Hill…. he is, personally, one of the biggest downfalls of the League of the South and the then-growing movement.

      The Confederacy will not be restored, because it was a failed system of Government.

      Guinn is a false prophet, and you have bad paragraph structure. Bad, just bad.

      None of the ‘prophecies’ in the ‘prophecy countdown’ has happened so far.

      Psst…. your racism is showing, and it is not the South which needs saving.

  4. Polycarp, or Joel, can you tell me who you really are? I would like to ask Dr. Michael Hill and Rev. David Jones if they know you. Surely if you were involved with the SP for a long time, they would know you. No harm intended, just want to know whether they know you or not.

  5. Never mind my earlier request. I saw your name “Joel L.Watts” on your About Page. Interesting blog, I just might have to read a bit.

  6. Paul said that he had learned to be content in whatever State he was in. If he didn’t rebel against pagan Rome, then perhaps we should set our eyes to heaven.

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