1. Milton Almeida

    Many who have been saying that the reason they turned “semi” or “quasi” pr even “full” agnostic is that they don’t believe the N.T. as a reliable source; when asked why they don’t think the N.T. is a reliable source they cite a few academics, including one quoted in the video. The rationale is that, since these academics are so smart, they can’t be wrong. I hope this “new founders” of agnosticism, who actually want to be so “cool” like the boy who commits a misdemeanor just to be arrested and loves it because now he will look cool before his buddies in the hood, these youthful agnostics who love being “cool” and accepted, if they’re honest, will have to take a look at this video and perhaps think again: the cool guys may be on the other side of Bart Ehrman!


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