More than just one evolutionary spurt?

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I found this interesting, not because of some die-hard attachment to evolutionary science, but because of the uniqueness of the issue.

The discoverer of the famous “Lucy” fossil says fresh findings suggest that more than one ancient species made the transition to more humanlike forms in different parts of Africa.


But Johanson told me today that few of the reports about the latest findings touch on “the real crux of the matter.” Even though A. sediba is a transitional form, with features of Australopithecus as well as Homo, he said there are other specimens of the genus Homo in eastern Africa that have been dated to roughly the same time. “There is a diversity of Homo already at 1.8 million years,” he said.

Cosmic Log – Was there a fork in our family tree?.

Again, not posting this to affirm that it is truth – posting it for discussion purposes only.

What might this mean for the study of the Historical Adam? And by that, what if the Historical Adam was a group of people (homos) whom God covenanted with? And it was one of these extra sets of humans?


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Joel L. Watts
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6 thoughts on “More than just one evolutionary spurt?

  1. “What might this mean for the study of the Historical Adam? And by that, what if the Historical Adam was a group of people (homos) whom God covenanted with? And it was one of these extra sets of humans?” Interesting…Pure conjecture, but I remember seeing a TV program on CroMagnon vs Neanderthal…turns out a middle eastern dig (in Israel) showed evidence of a CroMagnon settlement (older), that was displaced by a Neanderthal settlement, which in turn was displaced by a more recent CroMagnon settlement (one on top of another, older at bottom, obviously). A basis for OT losing promised land to giants/heathans, and then gaining it back again, around 40,000 BC? Assuming you buy into a covenant being written about, based upon an OLD oral story, of ice-age origin? Conjecture, but I like it.

  2. saw a doco the other night where they showed evidence of various hominids living together, and supposedly even cross breeding (there is evidence that at least one neanderthal had sex with a cromagnon according to the show).

    But then again, the very next show was “ancient aliens”, the next was some show about how there is no archaeology to support anything in the bible, and how Jesus didnt really exist… so, you know…

  3. That picture looks like one of Australias drop bears. …I have no qualms about there being a variety of origins of humanity….Scripture tells us that God took Adam and placed him into the garden and then created Eve in the garden from Adams rib…. we don’t know if there were other females outside of the garden before Adam was placed there….I would suggest there were.

    If so…Scripture could easily indicate that Eve was a different kind of female to the rest of humanity…… hows that for letting the cat out amongst the pigeons 😉

  4. The study of Christian beliefs, and those of Science are both studies of history. It is, in my opinion, a great find to see evidence of how we evolved over millions of years. The translations of Bible Veruses are often interruptions that are impossible to prove, but yet in all our hearts we like to believe. There is not an augument to be made between science and christian belief unless you make it one.

    If we are what we have then lose what we have who then are we?

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