1. Well, I guess if their culture includes armed embargoes, then I guess he has a point.

    Gov. Romney is advancing this theory because it appeals to the social Darwinist rhetoric the RIght loves so much.

    He gets away with it because of the blinders Americans wear.

  2. Gary

    It’s easy to explain. A “few other things”, as well. Mormon theology and fundamentalists have one thing in common. They believe in America’s divine destiny. God provided for the formation of America. God provides for Israel. The Judeo-Christian culture is superior. One step further, the link between this and making money (only a ex-CEO could truly appreciate that). The funny thing is – the difference, Mormons and fundamentalists would both view the other as not going to the celestial kingdom of heaven. For the Mormons, they view the three levels of heaven, with the highest (celestial), only reserved for those that go to the Mormon temple. That’s also why they do baptisms for the dead, so their relatives can join them in the celestial kingdom. Another indication of the “culture” thing. Brigham Young specifically said that black skinned people would only get to the celestial kingdom as servants. While the white skinned people effectively become Gods, presiding over their descendants (spirit children) from the celestial kingdom. I am not implying that Romney believes this, since the Mormons overturned that original belief of white/black. However, Romney, being a good temple-going member, could not help but pick up the underling “culture” tie, to being a “believer”, and a “money-maker”, and a white guy with a culture from Utah. It can be denied, but it is in his heritage. The “mark of Cain”, they use to believe, lies in the dark skinned people. I am sure Romney rejects this. However, it is easy to see how he could easily accept the ideas of the book by Landes, since it closely mirrors original Mormon beliefs. And to a certain extent, fundamentalists. OK – I fully expect to get flak from Mormons. But it is hard to deny history. How can you, as a good Mormon, stand at the curtain leading to the celestial kingdom room, and repeat verbatim, your long, memorized speech, in order to have an angel pull you into the room, without also believing your history of how you got there?


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