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  1. Jess

    Based on your introductory premise, why didn’t you say anything before? Is this because you stopped reading the Word of God and became “spineless in confronting these people”? Based on your introductory thesis, you put yourself in that category. Also, Could you please elaborate on this ‘measuring stick’? I’m sure things would be said if we had such absolutist-modernist stick.

    I do not think you’re doing yourself any favours by taking the high ground in a situation like this. If you really believed this measure-stick existed you would have picked Mike’s lies out a long time ago. We cannot intertextualise indirect situations together as though they are the same to prove a point. On that same premise of yours you could also argue that King David was Israel’s new Cane? Where do you draw the line?


  2. Jess, you’ll have to excuse me if I have been warning people about Todd Bentley and more recently the mess that will happen in Dothan, Alabama with Randy DeMain and crew.

    The entire Bible is our measuring stick. It is the very words of God:

    All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.
    (2Ti 3:16-17 NKJV)

    Tell me, with all the money that was wasted on this guy, and all the people that were dooped, and all the souls that are forever turned away from God because of this man, why is he still the victim?

    Jess, using David as a defense for these liars and cheats cheapens your argument. David was a man of God before his sin. None of these people were. If they were, then their doctrine would have measured up and these false miracles, and new words, would never have been uttered out of their mouths.


  3. Who are we to judge? That is Gods job. Our job is to extend grace, love, and help people conquer their problems and live a healthy life.


  4. Actually, Brewster, we are supposed to judge between what is right and what is wrong.

  5. Andy

    Polycarp, I stumbled on your website while trying to find out if claims about Todd Bentley were true as he recently visited Australia. I find your views very dishonoring and judgmental towards people who have made some mistakes but the difference id that their life is in Public. While you judge in the safety of your home be careful as the same measure you judge you will also be tested. I’m sure you’re not going to release all the mistakes and sin in your life. A very selfish view to be speaking about them because you have made it about you and your views…. why not be of some help and pray for their families and that God’s grace fills their life…..


  6. Andy, I appreciate the fact that you can deliver you own judgments and threats from the Throne of God. Consider me warned.


    You were looking for information and whether or not Todd Bentley, who has now been exposed as an adulterous liar, were true or not. Did you expect to find a comparison chart for you to make your own judgments? Isn’t that kind of hypocritical?

    Andy, you make these false prophets into some sort of victims. Why is that? Is it because they had the ‘courage’ to be public with their ministry? That doesn’t really make sense, since they have to be public in order to lie to people, cheat them, and lead a rebellion against God. Andy, these people have attempt to kill the sheep, to slip in and lead people away from God. What exactly do they deserve? If they repent, then they will receive the same grace that I have – the same grace that Paul had – the same grace that you may receive. Until then, they are not a part of the Body of Christ and instead are attacking it. So, pray for the Body, not for the disease.

  7. Andy

    I wasn’t looking for a comparison chart nor a judgemental person looking at all the faults in the world but I certainly found the 2nd. These people are neither a “disease” nor “false prophets”. They preached the word of God and many were saved during this time. Do you believe that people that were saved throughout this time are not really saved??

    The fact is it’s all about Jesus and His grace and that’s something you speak of but I don’t think you understand. You can’t earn this grace and it’s not by their works. Why can’t you seem to be able to forgive as easy as God does? The bible clearly states that we should forgive one another but yet you post YOUR view and never HIS view. Don’t misinterpret the word of God.

    As I said I bet you won’t post your dirty laundry on this site and he that says they are without sin is a liar so start listing all your shortcomings if you are going to continue judging others. OR you can stop taking the moral high ground and acting Holy by your own works and enjoy the grace deserving to them, a murderer, a thief or a drug addict.


  8. Andy, can you actually point to anything scriptural in their preaching? Further, can you point it it being completely scriptural? I do not believe that a person ‘saved’ under their words is really saved. If they claimed to be, then they will not stay under such people.

    Andy, there is no need to ‘post my dirty laundry’ as I have been forgiven by the grace of God. If there comes a time, then I have no problem doing it.

    You defend these false prophets but for what? And with what? Harsh words and your own judgments? What about the Bible? Do they line up with the bible? Or just the parts that you like?

  9. Andy

    Not just the parts I like but knowing His word and His grace. You keep saying you are forgiven by grace but yet you point the finger at them. I don’t defend them as they have a free will and made poor choices as I said in my first post but I am defending the fact that people like you judge them when you don’t know them but yet you still have sin in your life but the only difference is yours is not public.

    Leave them alone and do something constructive and pray rather then slander them and then add a superficial comment that we should pray…… have you sincerely prayed for them?? Stop making the issue about your views and as i said if you keep doing it then post your own faults or you are just being a judgmental hypocrite. You said if it comes a time then do it here on your own blog!….. my bet is that you just like pointing the finger but an old saying says when you are pointing the finger at someone there is 3 pointing back at you…

    I’d prefer to just love God and leave the judging to Him. I don’t judge you just simply point out the hypocritical comments you make by passing judgement on someone else saved by grace who’s sin and mistake is public as opposed to you saved by grace and sin and mistakes private.


  10. Andy, would you prefer no one say anything about people who preach and teach false doctrine? Would you rather have us ignore these people who would creep in unaware and attack the body of Christ?

    We are called, each Saint, to stand up for the word of God, to defend His Church, and to search these people out and if they are found wanting, then we must sound the trumpet. Tell me, Andy, if people actually left the Church to follow these false prophets, what then? If they left because we didn’t say anything, whose fault do you think that would be?

    Cliches, although timeless, are hardly biblical. Tell me, Andy, was Paul wrong for correcting Peter and then telling the entire world about it? Was Paul wrong with he condemned the Judaizing party in Galatians? Or the Gnostics? Andy, we are simply doing what we are supposed to do, and that is warn the Body and those that might easily succumb to these false ways.

    You can prefer to simply love God and leave the judging to Him, but is that really biblical? Andy, that is far from what we are supposed to do, from what the Apostles did.

    BTW, there is no word in the bible for mistake. Adultery is not a mistake, it is a sin. Drunkenness is not a mistake, it is a sin. Lying and cheating someone out of money is not a mistake, it is a sin.

  11. Andy

    Then let me ask…have you sinned? Have you ever lied? have you ever stolen? have you ever looked at a woman and lusted in your heart? are you innocent- Jesus when dealing with the woman who was caught in Adultery said you without sin cast the first stone. You are throwing stones not seeking out false prophets. Mike Gugliemucci is a lyer and has a pornography addiction. Todd Bentley has entered into an emotional relationship (whatever that is) more than likely adultery but they certainly are not false prophets as you keep calling them.

    They preached the gospel and many saved and set free but they then fell. King David did, Samson, even Peter as you mentioned but Paul had right to correct Peter you are just someone writing a blog, not correcting them in love. Have you ever met either of these guys.

    As I keep saying you are very hypocritical to point out their sin when you have your own. Very self righteous way to live and that is a danger in itself. I have never defended their actions only pointed out that we have all sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.


  12. Andy, I don’t know about Michael, but Todd did not preach the gospel. The gospel is not centered on money or miracles, lies, cheats, angels. This is what Todd preached.

    Paul corrected Peter because they were brothers. Todd and I do not share the same Father or Mother.

    By your standards, you are being a hypocrit by pointing out that I have sins and thus unable to judge, but are you sinless?

    Andy, no where in the bible does it tell us to refrain from pointing out these false prophets unless we are perfect. Can you show me otherwise?

  13. Andy

    Yes I am a sinner saved by grace and daily i turn to the cross as I am not perfect by any means. I am a credentialed Pastor with the ACC the same as Mike Gugliemucci and I am saddened by what has happened but don’t judge. We are all sinners and that is my point. You are a sinner saved by grace as well yet you point out all the indescretions of others on a web site.

    Where in the Bible doe it say to slander someone? where in the bible does it say to accuse and judge one another? If you are without sin then keep throwing stones but that is my whole point here….. YOU ARE NOT and I don’t see you posting your sin.

    I’m not a hypocrit because i’m not pointing the finger at anyone and calling them false prophets or pointing out sin… I am asking a hypocrit to stop pointing the finger at others when they are just as guilty in other areas but the only difference is your life is not public.

  14. Jen

    I’ve sat and read through the blog and the comments that have been listed and one thing i can’t get away from is this – Jesus dies on a cross for every person whoever lived and who will ever live knowing they will mess up, big and small! that’s bible you can’t argue with! Knowing this then surely if Jesus can go to the cross for these so called false profits then the grace that He so abundantly grants me, i can grant to others! Was it not Jesus who said let him without sin cast the first stone – then chose not to throw it being the only person there who could?

    the great thing about Mike Guglielmucci is this – people got to know who God really is, not because of Mike Guglielmucci, but because he is God and he will not condem the people he loved so dearly as to send His son to die for their sake – It’s sad that you cannot see the people who came to God through the events that Mike was at, i know young people and old people who have grown to know God through a man who yes lied. But greater than seeing them opporate in a relationship with God is seeing them bistow his grace upon the man they held in high sights.

    Polycarp, i’m glad you know the grace of God for yourself – my pray for you is that you would know it for others, just as Jesus himself knew it – whether or not it is our job to judge is a debate that could go on for decades and has, i’m sure! But i know this the bible says in Romans 15 v 7 “so accept each other just as Christ has accepted you; then God will be glorified” a tall order yeah, but wanting my God to be glorified is more than worth that tall order – i probably wont come by to see if you have replied to my comment and to be honest, i hope you don’t because i don’t want an arguement, i just want our great God to be glorified and honoured and that’s never gonna happen through the judgement of others, but in the grace we give when we accept each other!

    thanks for reading!

  15. mj

    Andy we are not slandering christians on by blogging about issues, they behaved badly we are discussing leadership, accountability. I am not a preacher, i have sinned but i do not stand up and preach people to do what i say.

    It is hyproctical to not practice what you preach. I mean if you have weaknesses to deal with, as we all do, we should deal with them. But we should not be teaching if we do not have the experience, knowledge etc plus collecting accolades and money

    blessings to all


  16. Jen,

    The verse does not say ‘accept’ but ‘receive’, or as the NRSV, ‘welcome.’ This is the same as saying that God welcomed us into His family, so we should welcome each other. The Roman Church was diverse, both Jew and Gentile, like no other. It was not an acceptance of sins that Paul desired, but that the man-made divisions be avoided.

    The grace is available to Michael, if he would repent. I don’t anything about him, other than his great sin, but unlike others, he came fully clean and sought to restore what he had taken. This, in my book, is admirable and the signs of a repentant heart.


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