1. 2. A masculine ministry seizes on full-orbed, biblical doctrine with a view to teaching it to the church and pressing it with courage into the lives of the people.

    3. A masculine ministry brings out the more rugged aspects of the Christian life and presses them on the conscience of the church with a demeanor that accords with their proportion in Scripture.

    4. A masculine ministry takes up heavy and painful realities in the Bible, and puts them forward to those who may not want to hear them.

    5. A masculine ministry heralds the truth of Scripture, with urgency and forcefulness and penetrating conviction, to the world and in the regular worship services of the church.

    6. A masculine ministry welcomes the challenges and costs of strong, courageous leadership without complaint or self-pity with a view to putting in place principles and structures and plans and people to carry a whole church into joyful fruitfulness.

    Is it just me, or are these virtues he lists not so much masculine virtues as they are prophetic virtues? They’re only “masculine” virtues because he calls them as such. Biblically speaking, the office of prophet was open both to men and to women. Ergo, 3/4 of his list does not describe a male-only ministry; it describes a ministry to which, historically, both men and women have been called, and which, historically, both men and women have done well.


    1. Cory, I would agree with you, but Piper adds Gender to those things on purpose. Otherwise, take Gender out, and bam, great stuff


      1. Exactly. None of the things he mentions in 2-6 are bad; in fact, drop out the word “masculine,” and that’s what a biblical ministry would look like.

        On the one hand, kudos to him for following his convictions all the way to their full logical extension. But on the other hand, in his zeal to follow what he sees as the biblical, prophetic pattern for ministry, he has actually ignored quite a bit about what the Bible says on the subject.


  2. Sigh! I only just noticed you posted on this. Sigh!

    I enjoyed Pipers book desiring God, but I have come to realise I have read it within a different framework of understanding to which he actually wrote it.


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