1. Consider psalm 69 among others. Even Jonah gets the point about destruction. You seem not to have identified the power of the death of Jesus for the stilling of the sea. Abuse was rampant and publicized over the past 50 years during the destruction of the assumptions of Christendom. It is a product of the abuse of power that comes out of colonialization and other things and of course it comes from turmoil and failures of the generation that produced the abuser. There are many who have no idea what is accomplished by Jesus in his work of redemption.

    A full perfect and sufficient sacrifice oblation and satisfaction for the sins of the whole world. Anything less and you have nothing.


    1. Bob, I hear you and I feel that we may agree about the work of Christ being superior to that of any words of man, but what about Christ in this passage? How are we to interpret His interpreters here?


    1. Yes. Is Mark, here, trying to force something?

      Although much of this is rhetorical, I guess my point is, would Mark have seen child molesters safe?


  2. I don’t see any necessary relationship between the texts at the link and what God teaches to those that are in Christ. What does the NT say about lust and those things that harm others? “They that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh and its desires.” It is then God who teaches about the body. If anyone learns from God, even if they were dead they will live, and anyone who is disabled will be fully healed. There is no need to say there is no hope for such a person.

    God sits in the flood (psalm 29) so if anyone get thrown in with a millstone you can be sure they can call out from the grave as Jonah did. I grew up in a thoroughly abusive place. I do not wish destruction for my abuser. He has died now, but he was himself a tortured man. God does not teach such torture.

    With all the healing stories in the NT, this is what one ought to think about rather than the custom of some, to point out other people’s trouble.

    The destruction recorded in the Gospels is the same teaching that is in the psalms. No one can get away with abuse whether of power or anything else. But all can call for help when they come to their senses and all benefit from the power of the completed work of Jesus


  3. Hashem says – that’s enough – I posted that comment on a small computer when my hand hit the wrong part of the mouse pad. So he posted it for me :0


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