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  1. Gary

    Except the logic breaks down at the beginning…”These religious leaders did away with both the notion of “sacrifice” and of priests whose primary function is to offer sacrifice”. So the primary function of the current priests is still, I guess, “sacrifice”. They provided it in quotation marks, because, perhaps, they don’t quite know what sacrifice they are talking about. I assume they mean the sacrament? But Protestants have the sacrament. Guess I just don’t follow the logic. On another point, if nuns, and priests for that matter, are so important, why are they so hard to recruit. Numbers are almost non-existent in nuns, compared with the old days (like 50 years ago). Nuns, and women as heads of hospitals, are apples and oranges. Can’t use the fact that there are more women in careers as a basis for not ordaining women as priests. It does not follow.


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