1. Thanks for posting this.

    My initial reaction comes from the first verse you compare, 1 Corinthians 6:9. I don’t think that The Voice‘s “do you need reminding…” for ouk oidate (“don’t you know…”) works, particularly when you juxtapose it with 1 Timothy 1:8, where the same verb is correctly translated “know.”

    For me, “do you need reminding…” introduces remembering and forgetting, two concepts that may or may not be part of “knowing.”

    This strikes me as the sort of change that frequently creeps into a lot of modern versions. They seem to start with the text, and modify it a little, sometimes making it easier to read or making the English flow better, but often in the process moving further away from the original intent.


    1. Polycarp

      Don’t get me wrong, the Voice has good parts, but I am not finding it to my liking. I have a few more in this series to post.

      I don’t think that ‘reminding’ which does include forgetting is parallel to ‘Don’t you know’ which seems to include more of a conviction.


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