Liberal Christianity is of the Devil

John Shore posts a letter and his response, which is interesting. At this part, I felt a particular draw:

My problem is that on a deeper level, something inside of me is saying that the Christianity of my childhood is the true way. I have a nagging in the back of my head, saying, “Episcopalians and these other sorts of liberal Christians aren’t Bible-centered. They aren’t right. Few will make it into heaven. Homosexuals will go to hell,” etc., etc. All of that kind of thinking is so ingrained in me; it’s like a stain that cannot be washed off.

via “Is the Devil Making Me Believe in a ‘Liberal’ God Who Isn’t the True God?” |

I know the feeling. It is a deep and abiding psychosis which many have after leaving a strict, fundamentalist background. Interesting letter – decent response.

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2 thoughts on “Liberal Christianity is of the Devil”

  1. The pastor at the fundamentalist independent Baptist church I went to three times 3 years ago in effect said that all other churches were of the Devil.

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